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October and November 2017 Wrap Up

Blogmas Day 3_ Oct Nov 2017 wrap up

You might have noticed that my October wrap up was suspiciously absent last month. That’s because I started NaNoWriMo and suddenly any time for blogging, reading, and watching my beloved k-dramas completely evapourated.

As a result, I’m doing my October and November wrap up all rolled into one. Since I only read one book in November, however, it’s mostly October reads. *cue nervous laughter*

Books cover

This was my October TBR (I didn’t create a TBR for November because of Nanowrimo):

And these were the books I read:

So not a wholly productive few months, but I’m going to read plenty in December to make it up to my Goodreads goal! I’m also currently reading They Both Die At The End and The Gentleman’s Guide, so I’ve not forgotten about them and they should both be going in my December wrap up!


The Last Namsara    4-5-stars

Everless   2,5

The Fandom  2,5

Forest of A Thousand Lanterns  4-stars


10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Japan
I’ve been missing Japan a lot recently, so I wrote about some of the truly interesting and unique aspects of the country.

Bookish Discussions: The Privilege of Owning Books
I talked about how owning books is a privilege that we rarely acknowledge, and what we can do to help others with limited access to books.

Cities I’d Love to Visit in Europe
After visiting Sweden, I was plagued with wanderlust, so I wrote about some of the other cities I want to visit in Europe.

NaNoWriMo Plans
I discussed my Nanowrimo plans at the end of October, and what I learned about myself as a writer from participating last year.

General Life Updates

It’s been a pretty busy couple of months for me, with travel and writing.

  • I went to Sweden with Hollie @hollieblog and had an amazing long weekend of adventures. I’m now a little bit in love with Stockholm’s architecture.
  • I took part in Nanowrimo for the second time and managed to write 30k+ words, while also working full-time, commuting, and life-ing.
  • My sister turned 21, so my parents and I went out to France to celebrate her birthday and spent a joyful a few days with her. We laughed a lot, walked a lot, and enjoyed the sunshine and good company.
  • I managed to get tickets to see Dan and Phil on their UK tour next year, despite being at work when they went on sale. I’m pretty thrilled!
  • My boyfriend and I met up for the weekend and went to see Thor: Ragnarok. It was literally everythingGive me a spin-off film about Tessa Thompson saving the universe as Valkyrie.
  • I found a vegan advent calendar. Well, actually my mum found it. All hail my mum.
  • My blog passed 400 followers! Thank you so much to each and every one of you for following and supporting me. I just want to say how much I appreciate you all for staying with me and reading my posts. When I get to 500 a giveaway is definitely coming your way!

How was your reading month? Did you take part in Nanowrimo, or have you been up to other exciting things? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time, Kate

9 thoughts on “October and November 2017 Wrap Up

  1. You’ve managed to read great books! I am very curious about The Last Namsara and Forest of A Thousand Lanterns 🙂 I’ve read 15(!) books in November (study-books and audiobooks included), so I am very happy with this reading month 🙂

  2. The Last Namsara, Forest of a Thousand Lanterns and The Gentleman’s Guide are on my TBR. I’ve been looking forward to all three of them for months and have yet to read them, haha.
    December will be the month I at least read The Gentleman’s Guide though! Even if I have to ignore the whole wild world and lock myself up in my room.

    And so what you only read one book last month; sometimes life comes first!
    [Jealous on your trip to Sweden though. I’ve been craving a holiday for ages, haha.]

    1. The Last Namsara and FOATL are both really good. Definitely worth picking up if you like fantasy and Chinese mythology/history. I feel like I too need to lock myself in my room to finish The Gentleman’s Guide; it’s really good so far, but I only have the e-book on my laptop, so I’m struggling to find the time to get to it!

      Life DOES come first, that’s very true! And Sweden is a wonderful country, I’d definitely recommend visiting Stockholm if you ever get the chance!

      1. I love fantasy and I’m intrigued with mythology so those are definitely “have to read”‘s for me.
        Oh, that sucks! I really like having my books in physical copies. I pretty much reserve my Kindle for eARC’s and author requests. I can imagine reading on my laptop though. That would drive me nuts.

        Keeping it in mind! I still want to go back to Riga (Latvia) one day as well. So many cities I still want to go to, haha. I should start writing them down..

        1. Oh great, in that case I hope you enjoy them! Yeah, it’s a shame, but not the end of the world. Hopefully I’ll have a little more time this weekend during the trains I have to catch. I’d definitely make a bucket list of them so you can start planning a few trips. I wrote a post about some of the European cities I’d like to visit, and I have another scheduled about some of the Asian cities I’m hoping to go to.

          1. I’ll keep my fingers crossed you get some extra reading time! 🙂

            I’m going to do that! I’m still setting up my bullet journal, so I might just have to add a page for that, haha. Or multiple pages.. We’ll see!
            There’s so much in the world I’d like to see. We can only hope we can actually do it all.

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