Hello, I’m Kate! I’m 23, British, and a graduate of the University of Sheffield. I love books, reading and writing. This is my book blog where I post about new releases, reviews, TBRs and wrap ups, readathons and any giveaways I’m hosting.

My favourite genres are fantasy, sci-fi, YA, contemporary, and dystopian fiction, but I’ll read pretty much anything (as my bookshelves can attest to). I also really enjoy reading manga and watching anime in Japanese, as it’s a language I’m currently trying to learn.

Some of my favourite reading spots are in the park, on my bed, and in cafes. I have an impressive and problematic ability to buy books faster than I can read them, which I’m in no hurry to fix. I drink a lot of coffee (and even more tea) and am prone to getting over-excited. I currently work as a Linguistics Researcher and aspire to become a full-time author one day.

You can find me on other social media here:




Contact details:

Please email any inquiries to kj93lovatt@googlemail.com.

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