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Spring cleaning my Goodreads TBR

Back in September, I did a big old Goodreads TBR unhaul as part of Shealea‘s #Goodreadance. I found it really useful to refresh my shelves and re-evaluate which books I’m likely to read in the coming months (or even years).

In spring, I did another round of virtual spring cleaning. I’ve added a lot of 2021 releases to my Goodreads to-read shelf over the last few months, so I thought it was a good time to review the older books and figure out what I’m no longer likely to read.

I ended up taking 14 books off my TBR shelf, so let’s take a look at what they are.

The Impossible Fairy Tale

Book cover for The Impossible Fairy Tale

I absolutely ADORE this cover, but I’ve had this book on my Goodreads TBR for ages and I just don’t know if I’m ever going to read it.

So for now, I’m taking it off my TBR, but I’m not completely abandoning it. If I feel like I want to pick it up in the future, then I’ll definitely add it back to my list.

A Deadly Education

Book cover for A Deadly Education

I was excited to read this earlier in the year, but I’ve heard that there are a few issues with racism and misrepresentation in the book.

I know the author has apologised and make edits so that subsequent printings will no longer contain these same issues, but the fact that they ended up in there in the first place has made me disinclined to reading it.


Book cover for Circe

I actually recently read this last year because it was one of our picks for the Sprayed Edges book club, but I found that I had a duplicate copy on my TBR shelf, so I removed it!

Sweetness & Lightning

Book cover for manga series Sweetness & Lightning

This is a manga that I’m pretty sure I added to my TBR in 2018. Have I made any attempts to read it or get a copy?

No, no I have not. So I think it’s time to admit that I’m not going to read it, and remove it from my TBR.

The Harp and the Sea

Book cover for The Harp and the Sea

I was lucky enough to be approved for this on Netgalley, but it’s somehow disappeared from my shelves and it’s not in my kindle app library…so I don’t know what happened??? It’s just GONE?

Since I can’t find it anymore, I guess I’m probably not going to read it? So I’m removing it from my TBR.


Book cover for Robbergirl

I only added this to my Goodreads TBR recently but I can’t remember why I added it.

Was it the queer rep? It could well be, but I’m sure there was a more specific reason. I just can’t remember what it was. And the fact that I can’t remember is making me less excited to pick it up anymore. Sad.

The Midnight Lie

Book cover for The Midnight Lie

I was so excited to read this last year and I don’t know what happened? I sort of lost enthusiasm and momentum for it?

I do still want to read it at some point, but I don’t think it will be for a while, so I’m going to tentatively take it off my TBR for now.

Small Town Hearts

Book cover for Small Town Hearts

I literally had a copy of this on loan from my library last year, but I didn’t finish before I had to return it (someone else had reserved it, noooo) and since then it’s kind of slid down my TBR.

Like most of the books on this list, I still want to read it at ~some point~, but I’m going to remove it from my Goodreads because I don’t know when I’ll be able to get it out from my library again (due to the pandemic), and when I’ll have time to read it.

Under a Dancing Star

Book cover for Under a Dancing Star

I have a copy of this in paperback, but it’s not high up on my TBR at the moment, so I’m going to take it off my Goodreads list, and I’ll get to it whenever I get to it. No pressure.

All the Light We Cannot See

Book cover for All the Light We Cannot See

I don’t have a copy of this one and although I was keen to read it a few years ago, I feel like it’s passed me by now?

What I mean by this is, I feel like everyone in the book community was reading this book a few years back and it was pretty hyped. But I didn’t manage to period it during the hype train period and now I feel like I’ve missed the train and it’s left the station without me.

The Seven Deadly Sins volume 1

Seven Deadly Sins volume 1 cover

I really enjoyed this anime when I first started watching it (aside from its issues with over-sexualising young women) and I added the manga to my TBR.

But it’s been a few years since I watched it, and I’m now behind on the series. I think it’s up to season 3 or 4 on Netflix, but I’ve only watched the first season.

I also haven’t been reading as much manga in the last few years (despite saying every year that I’m going to finish a few series) so I’m taking this one off my list for now.

Pandora Hearts volume 1

Pandora Hearts volume 1 cover

This is another manga series I wanted to read a while ago, but one that I’ve not watched the anime for. I added this to my TBR back in 2016 and I can’t help but feel that if I haven’t read it by now, I’m not going to.

The Bone Season

Book cover for The Bone Season

This one is going to make some of my pals slide into my DMs and ask ‘excuse me, WHAT?‘, so let me just explain before I’m tossed into the sea. .

I’m still very likely to read this at some point. I have the first two books in hardback and I loved The Priory of the Orange Tree so I’m hoping I’ll enjoy this series too.

But it’s not a high priority at the moment, because I’m in the middle of several other fantasy series and I want to finish those before I start a new one.

The Luminaries

Book cover for The Luminaries

I’ve had a copy of this on my shelves for years and having watched and enjoyed the TV adaptation last year, I feel like I’ll read it at some point…but probably on audio. So I’m taking the paperback edition off my TBR.

This unhaul definitely isn’t as big as my last one, but I always find it good to refresh my virtual shelves every couple of months, so I’m pleased I went through and evaluated how likely I am to read these books.

Are there any books you’ve removed from your Goodreads TBR recently? Do you do regular unhauls (physically or virtually)?

3 thoughts on “Spring cleaning my Goodreads TBR

  1. I desperately need to do another Goodreads clean-up. I also participated in Shealea’s #Goodreadance last year and got my “To read” shelf (which is more of a “to check out” shelf anyway) down to 300 books….it’s currently at 580 πŸ™ˆ So whenever I find some time over the next weeks, I’ll definitely have to tackle that!

  2. Oh I loved doing Shealea’s #Goodreadance last year, it definitely helped me get down my TBR shelf πŸ˜„ I also took All the Light We Cannot See off my TBR, as I lost interest in it after all the hype died down πŸ˜…

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