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March 2021 TBR // Romance, horror, fantasy, and non-fiction

Yes, this TBR is late. Very late. But it took me a while to finish my February wrap up and my brain always tells me I can’t post next month’s TBR until I’ve posted the previous month’s wrap up (welcome to my brain folks), so I had to post that first.

The plus side of posting a TBR almost half way into the month is that I’ve already read a few of these books, so I know that I’m definitely going to stick to this list. 😂

Exit West

Exit West UK book cover

I’ve owned a copy of this in paperback for the longest time, but I recently noticed that it’s on my library’s app too, so I’m hoping to read the audiobook this month.

Spoiler Alert

Book cover fo Spoiler Alert

This is our February and March pick for the Sprayed Edges book club. I didn’t get chance to read it in February so I’ll be picking it up this month instead.

I’m excited because I know it’s about body positivity, fanfiction, and fandom, and lots of friends and fellow bloggers have loved it.

The Conductors

Audiobook cover for The Conductors

I’ve been looking forward to this book for ages so I’m keen to pick it up this month, since it released on 4th March in the UK.

The publisher, Del Rey, kindly sent me a copy and I also managed to get the audiobook, so I’ve been listening to this over the last week and enjoying it a lot.

Mina and the Undead

Book cover for Mina and the Undead

This releases on 1st April in the UK, so I’m keen to pick it up in March, especially because it’s my friend Amy’s debut novel and it sounds so fun. It’s about a girl who gets a job at a horror movie mansion in New Orleans in the 90s and must solve a murder before she becomes the next victim to.

The Rules of Arrangement

The Rules of Arrangement book cover

This is a buddy read with Shruti @ThisIsLitBlog, as we both got approved for e-ARCs on NetGalley. I just started it this weekend and…I have many thoughts. A lot of them…not so good.


Legendborn book cover

This is the March and April pick for the Dark Academics book club, and my pal Lucy is one of the co-hosts, so I’ll be reading this in March as part of that group read. I’ll also be buddy reading this with Hannah @ACupofWonderland.

The Split

Book cover for The Split

This is another e-ARC that I was approved for on NetGalley by Quercus. It’s a dark, sarcastic romcom about a girl whose girlfriend breaks up with her so she decides to take their cat, move back to Sheffield, and run a half-marathon.

Hot British Boyfriend

Audiobook cover for Hot British Boyfriend

This is yet another e-ARC that I was approved for on NetGalley (look at me trying to read my ARCs before the release date 😄 ), but because it’s already out in the US, the audiobook is now on Scribd so I listened to that at the beginning of March as a buddy read with Kirsty.

Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People About Race

Book cover for Why I'm No Longer Talking to White People About Race

My hold for this on my library app finally came in so I’ll be reading it in March before it’s due back. I’ve been wanting to read this since last summer, so I’m happy I can do so this month.

What are you reading in March? Have you read any of these?

Important links to check out

Black Lives Matter card
Reclaim the Block
Minnesota Freedom Fund
Lebanon card
Donation drives for typhoon Ulysses in PH
Junk Terror bill
Yemen crisis card
Navajo Nation Covid-19 Relief Fund

5 thoughts on “March 2021 TBR // Romance, horror, fantasy, and non-fiction

  1. I also hope to read Legendborn this month as I have been wanting to get to it and have heard such good things 🥰 I’ll also hopefully be reading Spoiler Alert soon, as it sounds like I would really enjoy it! 🙂

  2. Ooh yes, from the looks of it The Rules of Arrangement is a MESS. But also omg I’m excited for Spoiler Alert, let me know what you think of it 😄

  3. I have no set tbr for March, I’ve barely done any reading as it is! Bring on April and the Easter holidays!

  4. I’d love to do one of these, but I’m too sporadic in reading based on how I’m feeling and what I’m in the mood for. Best of luck with your TBR! I’d love to do a buddy read someday! 🙂

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