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Top Ten Tuesday // Books that made me smile in 2020

December 29: Favorite Books of 2020

I’ve already got a post planned with my favourite books of the year so for this week’s TTT, I’m sharing the books that made me smile in 2020.

All these books had sweet, wholesome moments that made me smile. Get a Life Chloe Brown and A Cuban Girl’s Guide had the softest romances, and the humour in Boyfriend Material made me laugh more than I have in ages.

I’ve read some brilliant graphic novels this year and these five brought me so much joy. Nimona is laugh-out-loud funny, The Prince and the Dressmaker is uplifting, and Fence volume 4 gave me A+ enemies-to-lovers character development.

Which books made you smile in 2020? Have you read any of these?

7 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday // Books that made me smile in 2020

  1. Love your list! And we matched a writer. Talia Hibbert is simply amazing and makes me wish I’d read her all year around. The Cerulean Sea and Boyfriend Material are on my TBR. So is Tea and Tommorrow. I’ll probably get to them next year now. Have a great reading week! Here’s the LINK to my post in case you want to drop by later.

  2. My mission for next year is to finally start reading Fence. I have a weakness for sports related stories, and I’m here for solid character development. Boyfriend Material also sounds like such an adorable book. Definitely one I’ll pick up when I need to smile. 😀

  3. Boyfriend Material was everything I wanted it to be and more and I loved it with all my heart!
    I cannot wait to read Get a life Chloe Brown, I’m reading it for my book club in January and House on the Cerulean sea is one of my top priority books of 2021

  4. Hallo, Hallo Kate,

    I’ve just released my End of the Year Survey wherein I talk and discuss my #BestBooksOf2020 – and one of the prompts were for books that make you smile and hidden gems of 2020!! Those two prompts can almost be interchanged with each other as the books that made me smile were like you were saying yourself – they were sweet and lovely and gave you so much random JOY to read whilst the hidden gems prompt for me meant the stories which unexpectedly were read at the right moment you needed to read them most!!

    For Books that Made me Smile I listed the following:

    “Hadley Beckett’s Next Dish” by Bethany Turner
    & “The Highlander’s English Bride” by Vanessa Kelly

    With Hadley Beckett – you’ll learn more about it throughout the survey I wrote because it literally hit on so many different levels with me as a reader. It was a top champion favourite read all the way round and I loved how it was written – how it honed in on the realistic way a relationship can be built even when you’re not seeking one out and even when your not even sure you trust the bloke to begin with (or his motives) and yet, you’re given this sweetened contemporary story which seeks to give you so many layers and context wayy beyond a traditional romantic plot.

    For me, that book was the BOOK SMILE of the YEAR.

    Happy New Year, Kate and I hope we each have a lot of lovelies to read this 2021!!

    PS: Off your list, the top five smiling books are ones I want to see if they would suit me too as a reader as I tried my way with a graphic novel series (ie. Ultra Squad) but it just didn’t jive well with me. I might try an adult graphic novel series eventually but for Children’s Lit it just didn’t hit the mark for me as much as I had hoped. Esp as I felt the diverse characters’ rep was not overly fleshed out and they all started to feel/sound alike in the end. Which is something I never like seeing happen esp when they have this wicked wonderful character sketch going into a story and then, the sketch fails in the content of the story itself.

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