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Books I want to pick up before the end of 2020

With the end of 2020 fast approaching, I feel like a lot of us are having the same realisation.

I haven’t read that book I said I was going to read earlier in the year.

This happens to me every year. As well as the books that were already on my backlist, there are so many great new releases each year that I inevitably get to December and realise I have SO MANY books I still want to read before the new year.

So, I’m holding myself accountable by sharing the books I want to TRY my best read before the end of 2020. And I say ‘try’ because this is quite a long list and I don’t know if I’ll get to all of them. 😂

Take a Hint, Dani Brown
Book cover for Take a Hint Dani Brown

We’re starting off with a book that I’m really excited about. I treated myself to a copy of Take a Hint, Dani Brown in August, thinking I’d read it within a month or two because I’d heard so many good things about it and was it was high up on my TBR.

Ha. Haha. Ha. Ha.

Fast forward several months and it’s December. I still haven’t read Dani Brown. I still want to read it ASAP. But other book keep jumping up my TBR and it keeps getting pushed out. (Funny how often that happens.) Hopefully I’ll find time in the coming weeks to finally pick up this romance.

Book cover for Legendborn

A YA Arthurian legend retelling but with a Black girl as the main character and queer side characters? Yes PLEASE.

This book sounds exactly like my cup of tea, coffee, hot chocolate, and orange squash. Basically it sounds like something I’d love.

I was also very kindly sent a copy by the publisher, AND YET. I haven’t managed to find time to pick it up yet. But the audiobook is now on Scribd, so I’m hoping to listen to it on there before the end of 2020.

Cemetery Boys
Cemetery Boys book cover

I’ve put this book on my TBR every month since SEPTEMBER. I NEED to read it before the end of 2020, friends, I’m DESPERATE.

It’s a queer Latine fantasy with a trans main character and it sounds FANTASTIC. I just know I’m going to enjoy it a lot, but I’m just struggling to find the time to pick it up???

The Extraordinaries

The Extraordinaries book cover

I’ve had an e-ARC of this for a few months and having read one of T. J. Klune’s other 2020 releases, The House in the Cerulean Sea, I’m really keen to pick this up before the end of the year.

I mean, it’s superheroes. That’s my jam.

The Stars and the Blackness Between Them

Book cover for The Stars and the Blackness Between Them

I’ve had a beautiful copy of this book sitting on my backside table for a few months now, so I’m really hoping to pick it up before the end of the year.

It’s a sapphic contemporary romance about two girls who, through circumstance, end up spending the summer together and developing feelings for each other.

Fence Striking Distance

Cover for Fence Striking Distance

Fence is one of my favourite graphic novel series so when I heard that there was a novel releasing (that’s set after volume 4) I was really excited.

I ordered myself a paperback copy and I’m sure I’ll blaze through it and enjoy every moment when I get the chance to pick it up.

City of Brass

Cover for The City of Brass

I’ve been meaning to start this series for over a year now, and I’m hoping to finally pick up the audiobook before the end of the year. My library hold has come in so there’s no excuse. Now is the time.

Felix Ever After


You know you’re really excited for a book and plan to read it immediately, but it somehow falls through the cracks and you don’t end up reading it for months? Well, that’s me with this book.

It sounds amazing, I’ve seen rave reviews for it, and I’ve been wanting to read this for six months since I got a copy for my birthday. But it somehow hasn’t happened.

Criminal Intentions: It’s Witchcraft

42114204. sy475

This is the fifth book in the Criminal Intentions series and I can’t waaaaait to read it.

This has rapidly become one of my favourite series and every time I finish one book I want to immediately start the next one.

A Reaper at the Gates

Book cover for A Reaper at the Gates

The fourth book in the Ember series has just released, so I’m keen to read the third book before the end of December and then pick the fourth book up when it (hopefully) arrives on Scribd.

Plain Bad Heroines


This sapphic horror novel is our December and January book club pick for the Sprayed Edges book club.

I’m planning to at start it in December and potentially finish it in January. But I might end up finishing it in December because I’ve heard it’s really addictive.

Rent a Boyfriend

Cover for Rent a Boyfriend

I’ve been looking forward to this book for months because it sounds so cute and has one of my favourite trope: fake dating which ends with the characters falling in love. *heart eyes*

Now that the audiobook is on Scribd, I’m hoping to read it in the final weeks of the year.


Book cover of Fable by Adrienne Young

I was lucky enough to receive an e-ARC of this on Netgalley and I’m hoping to read and review it before its UK release in January 2021. It sounds magical and intriguing so I’m planning to pick it up very soon.

Written in the Stars

Cover for Written in the Stars

This is a sapphic Pride and Prejudice retelling with fake dating and I’m so excited to listen to the audiobook. It’s also set just before and during New Year, so it’s perfect for this time of year.

When the Tiger Came Down the Mountain

Book cover for When the Tiger Came Down the Mountain

I read the first book in the Singing Hills series earlier in the year and fell in love with Nghi Vo’s writing. Their style is gentle, beautiful, and emotionally-rich. Unsurprisingly, I’m really looking forward to reading the second book in the series, and I definitely want to be blessed by its beautiful writing before the end of the year.

This is an overambitious list and I’m fairly certain I won’t get to all of these books before the end of the year, but I’m definitely going to try my best to pick up as many as possible.

Which books do you want to read before the end of 2020? Have you read any of these?

5 thoughts on “Books I want to pick up before the end of 2020

  1. I feel you, there are so many books I still want to read, yet the new year is fast approaching 😱 Omg, I had no idea Legendborn was an Arthurian legend retelling, now I’m even more excited to read it!! Felix Ever After and Cemetery Boys are such great books, I hope you enjoy them 😊

  2. I didn’t care for Plain Bad Heroines, but here’s hoping you enjoy it more. Nghi Vo’s second book is on my TBR list, and I’m adding The Stars and the Blackness Between Them – that sounds great.

  3. I opened this post and went “Felix better be on this list” XD
    Okay but wow that’s an ambitious list! 2020 is almost over now but I really want to finish A Sky Beyond the Storm and I’ll probably start it tonight and tomorrow. I’ll also be buddy reading The Titan’s Curse in the pjo series with friends and I’m pretty sure we can finish that before the year ends as well 🙂

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