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Upcoming LGBTQIAP+ readathons // 12 pride month readathons you can join in June

June is one of my favourite months of the year because it’s Pride month. I love reading as many LGBTQIAP+ books as I can during pride, and this year, I noticed that we’re being blessed with lots of pride month readathons.

So, I thought I’d share as many of them as I can in this post, including their bingo board challenges, the platforms they’ll be hosted on, and any exciting surprises they might have in store.

If you’re looking for a readathon to take part in during June, hopefully you might find one that catches your eye.

Prideathon | 1st to 30th June

This is a month-long readathon lasting the whole of June, with the aim of reading books by and about LGBTQIAP+ people.

Prideathon is hosted by Kav and Marta and they’ll be announcing a surprise event in the first half of June. They’ll be sharing updates on the Prideathon Twitter and Instagram accounts.

LGBTQ Month  | 1st to 30th June

LGBTQ Month is also a month-long readathon, hosted by Ross and Megan, celebrating all things pride over on Twitter.

They have a bingo card of prompts and a live YA quiz happening on 14th June at 7pm GMT. They also have lots of author interview planned throughout the month!


Rainbow Readathon | 1st to 30th June

We’re being blessed with lots of month-long readathons in June, and this is another one. Rainbow Readathon is being hosted by Nat and SantanaReads over on Twitter.

The aim of Rainbow Readathon is to read an LGBTQ+ book for each stripe of Gilbert Baker’s 1977 Pride flag, plus a multicolored book. Here are the stripes and their meanings:

Gilbert Baker’s 1977 Pride flag, with the following stripes and meanings: pink (sex); red (life); orange (healing); yellow (sunlight); green (nature); turquoise (magic); indigo (harmony); and violet (spirit).

Reading It Queer | 1st to 30th June

This readathon is hosted by Eloise over on Twitter and Instagram. Reading It Queer runs throughout June and Eloise has a full blog post announcement with more information. 


There are a number of optional prompts you can chose to take part in, too. 


Gays Gone By | 8th to 14th June

This readathon is taking place during the second week in June and is hosted by Lily, Jemima, and Eloise

queer fiction in history-3

The aim is to read queer historical fiction, and there’s a bingo board full of great prompts to give you some ideas. 

Bisque and White Traditional Life Quote Instagram Post

Lily, Jemima, and Eloise have also created a masterlist of queer historical books, in case you want to see what’s out there.

Jemima and Eloise have blog announcement posts with more information on the readathon and Lily also a YouTube announcement video.

Read Your Gays | 8th to 15th June

Read Your Gays is pride-themed readathon celebrating queer authors’ and readers’ stories.

This a week-long readathon hosted by Boston, and the next round will be taking place during the second week in June.

There are a number of different prompts you can choose to complete and each prompt will earn you a badge. These are:

Camping badge: a book that takes place in the woods
Art badge: a book with an illustrated cover
Bird watching badge: a book with a bird on the cover
Emergency preparedness badge: a dystopian or survival story
Nature badge: a book that prominently features nature
Teamwork badge: read the group book

Queer Lit Readathon | 31st May to 6th June

This is a week-long readathon taking place the first week in June and is hosted by Rogan and Kathy.

The aim of Queer Lit Readathon is to read as many LGBTQIAP+ books as you can and they have a bingo card of prompts to help you pick your TBR.


They’ll be using the hashtag #queerlitread on Twitter to give updates throughout the readathon. This is also a bi-annual readathon, so there will be another round happening in winter, from November 29th to December 5th.

Here and Queerathon | 1st January to 31st December

That’s right folks, this readathon is a whole year long!

Here and Queerathon is hosted by Mel over on Twitter, and if you want to continue reading as many LGBTQIAP+ books as possible for the rest of the year, then there’s a sign up form to participate.

Pride Readathon 2020 | 1st to 30th June

This readathon lasts throughout June and is being hosted by Angharad

Photo Beauty Makeup Youtube Channel Art

The aim is to read a book for each letter of LGBTQIAP+, so for example L could be a book with a lesbian MC, G could be a book with a gay MC, and so on. This means reading around 8 books, but it’s up to each participant whether they read more or less.

Spectrum Reads | 1st to 30th June

Spectrum reads is a month long readathon being hosted by Alexx and Dexter over on Twitter and Instagram.


There are different prompts that you can complete each week of the month on Twitter and a series of photo prompts on Instagram.


Here and Queer in June | 1st June to 30th

This readathon is being hosted by Holly over on Instagram and will run throughout June. The aim is to either read all LGBTQIA+ books in June, or dip in and out and read some queer books alongside others your TBR.

There’s going to be a Call Me By Your Name readalong and an Instagram photo challenge to join in with.

Transathon  | 13th to 26th July

This readathon isn’t *technically* taking place in June, but I had to include it because it’s a new readathon dedicated to reading books by trans authors.

Transathon runs for two weeks in July and there’s a bingo card of optional prompts to complete if you wish.


There will also be a giveaway for those who take part and there’s a Google sign up form you can complete if you’re thinking of joining in.

That’s all 12 pride readathons happening in June (and July) that I know about. If you’ve heard of any others, please let me know and I’ll add them to this post. 

What are you planning to read during pride month? Will you be taking part in any readathons?

Until next time,KateNEW

5 thoughts on “Upcoming LGBTQIAP+ readathons // 12 pride month readathons you can join in June

  1. Oh, this is such a fantastic guide to all the Readathons happening for Pride Month!! 🌈🥰 I’m personally joining the Prideathon, as it has got such interesting, fun challenges that I’m so excited about! 😊

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