The Harley in the Sky // Circus book tag

I absolutely loved Harley in the Sky so, I was excited to be nominated to do this tag by Charvi @NotJustFiction. Make sure to check out her post here!

The tag was originally created by Jemma  @Fantastic Books and Where To Find Them.

I’ll be reading Harley shortly for my stop on the blog tour on 5th March, so keep your eyes open for that when it rolls around.


RINGMASTER: What book introduced you to your favourite genre?


I don’t remember the book that introduced me to my favourite genre, but I certainly know one of my favourite book in my fave genre. It is, of course, A Darker Shade of Magic.

This book is nothing short of wonderful in terms of its characters, world-building, writing, and magic system.

ACROBATICS: A fast-paced read

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For this prompt, I’m actually going to choose Harley in the Sky itself. (That’s not against the rules right?) I flew through this book because the pacing was swift and the plot kept time with it, offering plenty of dramatic twists and turns.

Akemi’s writing is so captivating that you can’t help but keep reading, and the pacing propels you forward to the end of the book.

CLOWNS: A book that made you laugh

41150487. sy475

This book made me laugh out loud more than any book has since I read Carry On a couple of years ago. Alex’s humour was exactly my brand and some of the emails between him and Henry had me cackling.

KNIFE THROWER: A book that had you at the edge of your seat

43876229. sy475

I’ll be honest and say I didn’t expect to love Tunnel of Bones as much as I did City of Ghosts. But you know what? I enjoyed it even more. This was because of the suspense and tense action scenes. Some of the underground scenes really did have me on the edge of my seat.

TIGHTROPE WALKER: A book you just couldn’t put down

45416596. sy475

I listened to this on audio in February and I couldn’t wait to get in my car every day and listen to more. This story was told in a rich, indulgent manner that had me riveted from the first chapter to the last.

VENTRILOQUIST: A book with a great twist

46189758. sy475

Although I can’t tell you what it is because of spoilers, trust me when I say the twist at the end of Sanctuary was so good. Sometimes I’ll see a twist coming and then wish the author had made their hints a little more subtle. But I didn’t see this one coming at all and it had me shook.

MAGICIAN: A book with a magic system you love

40381319. sy475

The magic, and world-building of Priory are stunning. The way Samantha Shannon describes the dragons and the way she builds up layers of magic in different parts of the Queendom and other lands is skillfully done.

STATIC TRAPEZE: Best or worst cliffhanger

41219451. sy475

Descendant of the Crane is a standalone but that final cliffhanger was so sudden and unexpected that I half wonder if Joan He will write a sequel in the future (or if she’s even entered into a deal with her publisher to write one).

I hope there will be a book 2, because I turned the last page wondering what on earth was going to happen next and feeling eager to find out.

I had a lot of fun doing this tag and I’d definitely recommend picking up Harley if you’re after a contemporary YA novel about family, mental health, and dreams set in a circus.


Kirsty @Kirsty’sBookReviews

Faye @ADayDreamer’sThoughts

Haf @LibraryLooter

May @ForeverandEverly

And you! If you’d like to do the tag please link to me so I can check it out (and of course to Jemma, the original creator).

Have you read any of these books? Do you know what your answers to some of the prompts would be?

Until next time,KateNEW

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