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Christmas 2019 Book Haul

I was lucky enough to get a nice stack of books for Christmas so I thought I’d share them with you guys, since I know we all love a haul and some of them are BEAUTIFUL. (Truly, some of these books are more attractive than I will ever be.)


One of the first books I opened on Christmas Day was this lovely hardback about sustainability. My Dad saw this book in Waterstones and thought I’d enjoy it because I’m trying to be more environmentally conscious. (I know, right, I can’t believe it either. My Dad willingly bought me a book ???)


I also got this beautiful copy of This Time Will be Different from my Secret Santa, Lydia @SilverWolfReads. I’d wanted to pick up this exact edition at YALC, but didn’t end up getting it, so I couldn’t believe my luck when Lydia sent it to me. (Thank you so much Lydia!)


I was lucky enough to get not one, but two copies of The Starless Sea over the holidays. One was from the wonderful Hollie @HollieBlog, who actually took the book to the Erin Morgernstern event she went to and got it signed. Signed by Erin Morgernstern. 

The other edition is the bright blue Waterstones special edition, which my aunt got for me on request. The cover underneath the dust jacket is just stunning and I’m in love with the key patterns.


Like the actual wizard she is, Hollie also somehow managed to get me the US hardback editions of This Savage Song and Our Dark Duet. I thought these were only available in paperback, so you can imagine my veritable shriek of excitement when I opened them.

My Grandma treated me to the collector’s edition of A Conjuring of Light, meaning that my UK collector’s set is now complete (and they look amazing together, I could weep).


My other aunt, who’s an English teacher and fellow book lover, got me not one, not two, but three books. (Yes, I cried too.)

She gifted me The Lady Rogue (a highly anticipated release from 2019 that I can’t wait to pick up), Realm of Ash (the sequel to Empire of Sand), and Longbourn (a Pride and Prejudice retelling ). All three sound so good and I couldn’t be more grateful.


The final book I unwrapped on Christmas day, was my very own copy of Red, White & Royal Blue, gifted to me by the lovely Vicky @WhatVickyRead. I’d had a library copy of this that was due for return so I couldn’t have been more excited to receive my own copy.

Huge thanks to everyone who gifted me a Christmas book! I love opening books on Christmas day, so every single one of these made me very happy. Now I just need to sit down and start reading.

Did you get any books for Christmas? Have you read any of these?

Until next time,KateNEW

7 thoughts on “Christmas 2019 Book Haul

  1. Fantastic haul! I’ve been interested books about sustainability, minimalism, etc. so I’m definitely adding Live Green to my list! 💖 Also, Realm Of Ash was really good, looking forward to reading your thoughts! ^_^

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