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December 2019 TBR // Chosen by you

For the last month of 2019, I wanted to pick up some of the books that I’ve been meaning to get to all year.

But there are quite a lot of them and I couldn’t narrow it down. So I asked you guys to help me decide.

I posted a thread of polls on Twitter, asking everyone what I should read. Once the results of those came in, I took the winners of each poll (including all four books from the four-way tie!) and posted a second, final set of polls. The winners are the books I’ll be reading this month.

So in December, I’m excited to be reading RWRB, We Hunt the Flame, Ninth House, and The Merciful Crow (on audio), as chosen by you.

I have some time off over Christmas, so I’m hoping to be a little more ambitious with my TBR in December. If I get time, I’ll also be reading:

What are you hoping to read in December? Are you asking for any books for Christmas?

Until next time,KateNEW

19 thoughts on “December 2019 TBR // Chosen by you

  1. That’s actually an interesting way to pick a tbr! though on my twitter it would probably flop, ahaha

    Being a mood reader, I don’t even attempts month’s TBR as I know it won’t work and you know.. I don’t really wanna push myself to read something I don’t want to and go in a slump.. So goodluck with yours and I hope you’d get onto many on your list šŸ™‚ I still need to get to RWRB, I’ve heard alot of good from it.

    1. Thanks! I thought I’d try it since there were lots of books I wanted to read before the end of the year and I was finding it tricky to narrow down.

      Yeah, I definitely think pushing yourself to read a book when you’re not feeling it can spoil the book and end up making you slump, so it’s good that you let yourself read what you fancy, when you fancy it. I wish I could do that more often tbh, but I like having a set TBR because it keeps me motivated. We’re all different though, so different things work for different people šŸ˜€

      I hope we both get a chance to read RWRB soon!

    1. Ah that’s great to hear! What rating did you give it? I’ve heard overwhelmingly positive reviews for it so I’m looking forward to jumping in. I started the first chapter of Ninth House about two months ago but haven’t had a chance to carry on since! Oops. Hopefully this month I’ll have more time to devote to it šŸ™‚

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