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Announcement: Library Loves // A whole month dedicated to supporting your library

Honestly, it was a struggle not to title this post “Library Loves: WE STAN LIBRARIES.”

It’s not a well-kept secret that I love libraries.

I visit my local library as often as possible to borrow books, chat to the librarians, and browse new releases.

When I go travelling, I’ll sometimes spend hours researching the city’s libraries to see if they’re open to the public and I can go visit.

I have four library cards for four different libraries. Guys, four. (I don’t have a problem, it’s fine.)

Libraries are kingdoms. They’re gateways to other worlds.

So I’m excited to be sharing a bookish announcement today. Next month Jess @ReadByJess is hosting a month-long celebration of libraries called Library Loves and I’m going to be a co-host.


The aim of Library Loves is to encourage people to support their library by visiting, checking out books, and raising awareness of how much libraries can do for individuals and the community.

Check out Jess’s intro video for everything you need to know about the month.

Saturday 12th October will be Library Day. If you’re able to, we’d love for you to join us in visiting your local library on 12th and spread the bookish love.

There will be five challenges that you can take part in on Library Day if you’d like:

  1. Visit a library (in person or digitally)
  2. Encourage a friend to use the library
  3. Check out a book
  4. Produce content related to Library Loves (so a blog post, a YouTube video, tweets, Instagram photos – pretty much anything you can think of)
  5. Read a library book (not all in one day unless you’re hardcore/a speed reader/planning to camp out in the library)

I’ll be heading to my local library on 12th October and trying to complete as many of the challenges as possible. I’ll also be creating library-related content throughout October and will be joined by my fellow co-hosts:

Steph @A Little But A Lot

Jemima @Be Aware Of Books

Rachael @Rachael Marie’s Book Journey

Olivia @Olivia’s Catastrophe

We’ll be using the hashtag #LibraryLoves across social media, so if you want to join us throughout October don’t forget to hashtag your posts so we can see them!

Will you be taking part in Library Loves? Do you plan on checking out any library books or doing any of the challenges? 

Until next time,KateNEW

16 thoughts on “Announcement: Library Loves // A whole month dedicated to supporting your library

  1. Yaaaas!! You know I love libraries 😉 I’m pretty sure I’ll be working in the library that day, I check out library books to myself almost on a daily basis 😂 I’ll have to no problem completing all those challenges! I’m definitely going to write another library haul post next month.

  2. This is an absolutely brilliant idea. I work at my local library and when I started the job I was amazed by just how much the library has to offer beyond the books, it’s a community hub.

  3. Oh that sounds so lovely! I’m grateful to have such a great library available to me and have already checked out some of the book I’ll be reading in October 🥰 Plus there are always some ebooks to check out as well 👍

  4. This post is amazing and I am so excited! I just started getting back into the routine of checking out library books, I used to go all the time but the last couple of years I haven’t. But now that I am, I have saved so much money (not buying books😂) and I feel good that I’m supporting libraries and authors!

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