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Top Ten Tuesday // Favourite covers of 2019 (so far)

Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and the Bookish in June of 2010 and moved to That Artsy Reader Girl in January of 2018. It was born of a love of lists, a love of books, and a desire to bring bookish friends together. This week’s theme is:

July 30: Freebie

Since we can pick our own topics this week, I decided to look at my favourite book covers that have been released this year so far.


I was stunned by this cover when I first saw it. The colours and the way the crane towers over Hesina is just jaw-droppingly pretty to look at.

Plus, the special edition has pink/red sprayed edges that match the red notes of the cover, making it look even better.




*yells in Grisha* OF COURSE King of Scars was going to make it to this list. I mean, have you seen it?!

Not only is the dust jacket gorgeous, but the naked hardback has gold patterning to match. I’m crying.




I sadly haven’t had a chance to read this yet, but I really love the cover. The purple coupled with the orange is so eye-catching





42133479. sx318

Not only is this book an excellent read, but the cover is beautiful too. Kat Cho was BLESSED when they designed this. The colours, the typography, the art style for the characters, they ALL work.





Surely, there is not a single human in existence, that doesn’t think this is cover is amazing. SURELY.

The intricate details on the dragon and tower are gorgeous, and the orange and blue are offset so well.

NO-ONE can say this isn’t amazing.


Hot Dog Girl

I love the pastel purples, pinks, and blues here; they compliment each other so well to give a soft feel to this cover.

But I mainly just love the fact that SHE’S WEARING A GIANT HOT DOG OUTFIT.




Similar to King of Scars, I love this cover because of the gold detail and aesthetic patterns.

But it’s also got a really cool emblem on the naked hardback, which is relevant to the story.




I haven’t read this one, but I’m considering it just because of that cover.

I know, I know, don’t judge a book by it’s cover.

But we all do, and I’ve judged this one to be LOVELY.



35398627. sy475

This cover is so sweet. The art and colours are gentle and sincere and it kind of took my breath away.

It’s also wonderful to see a girl wearing a hijab on the cover. More of this please.




39821312. sy475

I just finished this last week and even after I put it down I kept gazing longingly at the cover because it’s so beautiful.

The blue and red really pop together and Fatima’s eyes are amber.

*makes heart eyes*



What have some of your favourite covers been so far in 2019?

Until next time,KateNEW

16 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday // Favourite covers of 2019 (so far)

  1. You are seriously testing my bank account with all these pretty book covers!! The cover for Priory of the Orange Tree is visually striking and unforgettable. I really need to get to reading that book.

  2. I like the cover of A Course so Dark and Lonely, so pretty! And all the covers you listed are stunning too! It’s difficult not to judge those books by their covers 😅

  3. I absolutely adore the cover of The Candle and the Flame and thought that book was the most culturally immersive book that I’ve ever read. It was a slow burn kind of book, but just SO cultural and I loved the characters.

  4. Oh the Gilded Wolves is SUCH a pretty cover, I love it so much! I have the paperback and now I’m a little bit sad to discover the naked hardback has an emblem. 😛

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