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Off Tangent Thoughts // Thoughts I have during readathons

Off Tangent Thoughts (OTT) is a bi-monthly meme run by Charvi @NotJustFiction were bloggers express their tangential thoughts on different topics.

This fortnight’s theme is:

Thoughts I have during readathons

Check out Charvi’s post here! I’ve missed the last couple of weeks of OTT (bad Kate), but I’m taking part in Indian Lit Readathon this weekend so I knew I had to do this week’s topic!

Oh I really shouldn’t take part in another readathon, I have so many books to read that don’t fit with the theme.

I reeeeeally shouldn’t.

OK, I’m doing it.

Yes, time to choose a TBR! I love this part. Oh wait, I’ve got too many books I could pick from, let’s ask Twitter to help narrow it down.

*creates a Twitter poll*

*Twitter poll ends* OK, they chose X but I actually now want to read Y??? So, I guess I’m going to ignore the results and go with Y. Whoops.

Alright, that’s the TBR set. I’ll start in earnest at midnight.

*Midnight arrives* I’m so tired. I’ll read a chapter then go to bed.

*reads 3 pages and falls asleep*

*wakes up next morning* Why am I like this.

OK, it’s a new day, I can read lots today.

*reads for an hour* This is good, I’m making progress on my first book!

*does chores, goes to the library, goes running*

Wow, how is it the end of the first day already?!

I’ve read 70 pages. I’m totally failing this readathon.

OK, I’ll make sure I read more tomorrow.

*finishes an actual book the next day* Oh yeah, this is more like it. I’m on a roll now and I need to keep this up.

I’ll take part in some Twitter sprints, that will keep me reading.

*finishes another book* I’m totally winning this readathon, I’m unstoppable, invincible, an actual god.

*doesn’t finish any more books*

OK, well I tried.

All things considered, I didn’t do too badly; I finished a couple of books, took part in Twitter sprints, and still got the chores done I needed to this weekend. I’d call that a success!


Wait, I need to write my wrap-up.

Do you take part in readathons? What do you think about when doing them?

Until next time,KateNEW

2 thoughts on “Off Tangent Thoughts // Thoughts I have during readathons

  1. OMG going opposite of the twitter poll results is SO ME.
    I love your post! And yess you didn’t do bad at all considering you were able to finish 2 books 🙂

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