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Easter Readathon // It’s back for a second year with challenges and a giveaway

That’s right folks, Easter Readathon is back.

I set this up last year as the first readathon I’ve ever hosted, and I enjoyed it so much that I’ve decided to run it again this year.

Easter Readathon 2019 new

How It Works

Easter Readathon will run from Friday 19th to Monday 22nd April, over the holiday weekend. That’s four full days of reading. Get your bookmarks ready.

There will be reading sprints on Twitter every few hours, hosted by me. The aim of these is to smash through your TBR, like you would a chocolate egg.

We’ll be using the hashtag #EasterReadathon, so make sure to add any progress updates there. (And please show me the chocolate you get, if you celebrate Easter.)

Everyone is welcome to join in! You don’t have to celebrate Easter to take part, the only reason I named it ‘Easter Readathon’ last year is that I wanted to host a readathon over the holiday weekend.

Reading Challenges

This year there will be optional challenges to complete, if you’d like to. There’s no obligation, but I thought it would provide an extra element of fun, and if you complete one challenge you get entered into the giveaway (more about this below).

This year’s challenges are as follows:

Easter Readathon challenge board final

Only some are spring-related because I felt that having them all themed around a season would limit people’s TBRs.

You can choose to complete as many or as few challenges as you like. The graphic novel challenge is the only one that specifies the type of book you need to read, but it can be any type of graphic novel – manga, manhwa, web comics – anything.

For the other seven challenges you can read novellas, poetry, short story anthologies, graphic novels, of full length novels.

You can double up on challenges with any of your books. So, for example, if I decided to read The Disasters by M.K. England, that could count for the following challenges:
1. A new-to-me author
2. A book by a new-to-me author
3. An LGBTQIAP+ book

Check out my full TBR here!


This year, I thought it would be fun to run a giveaway for those taking part. The prize is a book of your choice (up to £10 in value) from Book Depository. This can be a book that’s already released or a pre-order.


  • Anyone can enter as long as Book Depository ships to you.
  • To enter, you must have posted your TBR on either your blog, YouTube channel, or social media, and have completed one of the reading challenges listed above.
  • You can get one extra entry if you complete a line of challenges on the bingo card (must be three in a row).
  • You can get two extra entries if you complete a full house on the bingo card. (This isn’t that hard when you consider that you can double up books for more than one challenge!)

The giveaway will open when the readathon starts, so at 12am on Thursday night (as Thursday becomes Friday).

Here’s a link to the giveaway. Happy entering!

If you decide to take part feel free to link me to your TBR/announcement posts so I can come and see the books you’re planning to read. If you have any questions about the readathon, come chat to me!

Until next time,KateNEW

26 thoughts on “Easter Readathon // It’s back for a second year with challenges and a giveaway

  1. This would be the perfect opportunity to get rid of the books I’m currently reading. Since one of these is draaaaagging, I’d love to power-read through this annoying one. Plus the giveaway might be a little extra motivation help…which means I’ll have to skip your lovely bingo card. I’ll better stick to my TBR pile! 😀

    Last but not least, this Easter readathon is a good idea! I’ll do it and keep everyone who is interested (or not, they’ll have to endure it, lol) updated on how I’m doing.

    – Annina (

  2. This sounds so fun! I’ve got that weekend off so perfect time to get into some books! Do you have any recommendations for cute webcomics?

  3. I’m so excited for the Readathon! I participated last year and I’m so ready to participate again 😍 I love that this takes place during the long weekend, so I can get around to reading as much as possible 💕

  4. KATE THIS IS PERFECT TIMING. I’ve needed a kick in the butt to read and this seems really fun to engage in!! I’ll definitely try to participate and take a look at the giveaway 💜

  5. This is perfect, I’ll have to go and think of what to pop on the Easter tbr for this readathon! ❤

  6. Some friends and I were already planning on doing a reading filled weekend for the long weekend so this is perfect timing! I’ll have to think about my TBR though as I only really know about one book I’ll definitely be getting to (two, if I’m feeling ambitious as that’d be a total of about 1000 pages!). I love the addition of the bingo card and you’re so generous for hosting a giveaway!

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