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Top Ten Tuesday // Bookish places I’d like to visit

Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and the Bookish in June of 2010 and moved to That Artsy Reader Girl in January of 2018. It was born of a love of lists, a love of books, and a desire to bring bookish friends together. This week’s theme is:

February 26: Places Mentioned In Books That I’d Like to Visit

This is a great topic because there’s loads of real and fiction places I’d want to explore if given the chance, so I’ve chosen a mixture both.


It definitely has its problems, but I’d love to see Weep at the very end of Muse, as it’s moving into a new era. It sounds magical and exciting, and I’d love to see the transformation as people begin to rebuild their lives and accept the new changes that have happened.


DimpleSan Francisco
I’ve been to San Francisco before and reading When Dimple Met Rishi desperately made me want to go back. I want to see the Bay Area again and hop on a tram to the city centre. I’d also love to walk over the Golden Gate bridge again and get blown away by the wind.


six of crowsKetterdam
Although it sounds gritty and a little bit dangerous, I really want to go to Ketterdam??? I don’t know, maybe it’s just the promise of meeting some of my faves and having waffles with them.



I’m 600 pages into Priory and I’ve decided I want to go visit Seikii. It sounds beautiful and they worship peaceful dragons, although they don’t really allow outsiders in, so… I’m not sure how I’m going to get there.




Red London
It’s no secret that I would love to visit Red London. There’s magic and equality and my favourite quartet are there. Maybe if I say As Travars enough I’ll be able to walk through a wall and into the palace.




The Guild
I’d like to go and train in the guild to harness my magical powers. The way the buildings and grounds are described makes me think it would be a pretty grand place to be.



I’m pretty sure I say this every time a ‘where would you like to visit’ post comes up, but I really want to go to Prague. I was meant to be going last year with a friend, but we didn’t arrange things in time; however, this year, I’ve already looked at flights and we’re planning dates, so it looks like it’s going to happen!


I Was Born For ThisLondon
I visit London quite a lot, but I was at home when I was reading IWBTF, and Angel’s trip to London really made me want to go. It’s a city I love and being there always makes me feel so energised. Maybe it’s all the bookshops I know I’m going to visit.



Image result for ink and bone rachel caineThe Great Library of Alexandria
This book made me want to ever-so-slightly travel back in time and visit the Great Library. As one of the biggest libraries ever to exist, the wealth of knowledge and amount of books there would be vast and incredible. Although the old library doesn’t exist now in the same way it did, I could see the modern Bibliotheca Alexandrina instead.


Image result for strange weather in tokyo

This novel was quite sedately-paced but the descriptions of Japan were wonderful. I could picture almost everything the narrator described and this book made me want to go back to Japan again so much.



Which bookish places would you like to visit? 

Until next time,KateNEW

13 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday // Bookish places I’d like to visit

  1. I loved the Magicians’ Guild but I never finished the series. I’d love to visit the New York places that Natasha and Daniel visit in The Sun Is Also A star

      1. Hmm not really, I think I want to see the houses, architecturally and everything, the houses you always see on the postcards and all haha and the bridge obviously, all of the most obvious touristic things I guess 😛

  2. I LOVE IWBFT and agree with how it makes me feel about London. When I met up with Rachel (host of SundayYA) for the first time and we saw You Me At Six in Brixton, I felt like I was living the novel! So dreamy. Strange Weather in Tokyo sounds amazing x

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