19 thoughts on “Favourite books of 2018 // 5 star reads and other loves

  1. I read and loved Empire of Sand this year, I wish it would get more attention! I also enjoyed Children of Blood and Bone a lot. What If It’s Us, To Kill a Kingdom, and Muse of Nightmares are all books that I really hope to get to next year since I’ve heard so many good things. Love your list of faves!

  2. I read A Darker Shade of Magic this year – finally! It was my first V.E. Schwab and I will definitely be reading more.

      1. I’m not sure! I’m going to try to read some of the books on my shelf first, but then see which of her books I can get from my library. Any suggestions for a next book? Maybe the next in that series?

  3. I’m actually formatting my favorite 2018 reads post right now! 🙂 It won’t go live until mid-January, since I only blog once a week. But I can tell you right now that we’ll have one pick in common (Vengeful).

    Otherwise, LOVE seeing all the V.E. Schwab books on here! And I liked Muse of NIghtmares a lot, too. I’ve been waffling back and forth about reading Children of Blood and Bone, though, so maybe I’ll borrow that from the library next year.

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