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Top Ten Tuesday: Queer books I’m thankful I added to my TBR

Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and the Bookish in June of 2010 and moved to That Artsy Reader Girl in January of 2018. It was born of a love of lists, a love of books, and a desire to bring bookish friends together. This week’s theme is:

November 20: Thanksgiving/Thankful Freebie

For this week’s theme, I’m going with queer books I’m thankful I decided to add to my TBR. Most of these books are novels I haven’t read yet, but a couple are books I’ve read and am really pleased I picked up.

These four books are very high up on my TBR. Jordi Perez and Girls of Paper and Fire both have f/f rep, Darius is m/m, and Gunsmoke & Glamour has trans and fat main characters, meaning that all four are not your average het romance novel. Gunsmoke & Glamour and GOFAF are both fantasy novels and I’m really excited to see how the magical/supernatural elements interact with the characters’ identities. Jordi and Darius are both contemporary YA romances, and I’ve heard great things about both in the way they discuss identity and adulthood.

Radio Silence has been on my TBR for a long time and I’m thankful I added it after I read I Was Born For This by Alice Oseman and loved it. I’m also glad I added Queens of Geek because it has bisexual rep, which I definitely want to read more of, and Princess Princess is a lesbian fairy tale about two girls that encourage each other to face their fears. It sounds adorable.

I’ve actually read these last three books and I loved all of them. Autoboyography is such a heart-warming story about the struggles of being queer and religious, and I’m so glad I added it to my TBR because it has sensitive, detailed bisexual rep from the perspective of a boy. Superior is a cute, funny story about two guys who are a superhero’s intern and a supervillain’s intern and it made me laugh with the way it turned stereotypical superhero tropes upside down. Lastly, What If It’s Us, is Becky Albertalli and Adam Silvera’s own voices novel about two boys who meet in a post office in New York and then attempt to find each other again to see if there might be something between them. I’m so thankful I added this to my TBR because it was an uplifting, optimistic story, and I got to be on the blog tour for the book, which was so much fun.

Which books are you glad you’ve added to your TBR? Do you have any f/f book recs?

Until next time,KateNEW

20 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Queer books I’m thankful I added to my TBR

  1. Great list! Princess Princess is going straight on my TBR, and I’m glad to hear you enjoyed What If It’s Us as I’d like to get to that one at some point. 🙂 I’m really looking forward to reading Girls of Paper and Fire soon!

    I love Sarah Waters’ books, so many of her novels have wonderful f/f romances at their centre, and I’m also a big fan of Robin Talley’s Lies We Tell Ourselves and Emily Skrutskie’s The Abyss Surrounds Us.

    I’m hosting an international LGBT+ giveaway over on my TTT this week, so please do enter! 😀

    1. Thanks Jess! Yeah, I LOVE the sound of Princess Princess! I’m need more cute lesbian princesses encouraging each other to do their best in my life. Yessss Girls of Paper and Fire is going to be so good, and WIIU is really sweet. I think I raced through it in two days because it was so enjoyable. Oooh I’ve heard good things about The Abyss Surrounds Us, I’ll have to have a look at the synopsis on Goodreads! Thanks for the recs, I’ll definitely come and enter your giveaway! ❤

  2. This is such a wonderful list! I loved Radio Silence and Queens of Geek, I hope you’ll love them both as much as I did ❤ Autoboyography is on my TBR and it sounds like such a good read, I'm so happy you enjoyed it so much 🙂

    1. Aww thanks Marie! ❤ I'm not sure when I'll get to Queens of Geek, but I'm going to try my best to read Radio Silence this month, since that won my poll on an earlier TTT list! Autoboyography is so moving and emotional, I loved it and rated it 4.5/5 🙂 Hope you enjoy it!

  3. This is such a lovely list. What if It’s Us sounds like an awesome book. I’m all for an uplifting and optimistic story. Queen of Geeks has been on a recent addition to my tbr as well. I’ve heard so many great things about the book so I’m excited to read it.

    1. Thanks Lois! What If It’s Us is REALLY good, I’d highly recommend picking it up if you were thinking about it. Yeah, Queens of Geek has been on my TBR for aaaages, but I have an e-book so I know I’ll definitely get round to it at some point. 🙂

    1. Thanks so much! 😀 Yeah, I’m really excited for both of those, they’re very different, but both sound brilliant in their own ways. Plus, I’ve been trying to read more f/f this year because it’s so nice to read stories about girls falling in love with girls, so I think I’m going to enjoy both of them a lot. 🙂

  4. Great list! I loved Queens of Geek & Radio Silence ❤ I still want to read Girls of Paper and Fire, that book sounds amazing ❤

      1. Maybe! We don’t have a lot of newer English books in the bookstores here, so I have to order it online, but maybe I’ll buy a e-book!

  5. So I’ve actually read all but three of these! One thing: I wouldn’t call Darius a romance. There’s a strong m/m friendship, but nothing ever implies it’s more than that. I actually like it that way.

    You mention the bi rep in Queens of Geek (which I loved) so I’d like to recommend This Is Kind of An Epic Love Story. It has fantastic bisexual rep, as well as deaf rep. (Has both f/f and m/m, with m/m being the main romance.)

    I also just finished Girls Of Paper and Fire but haven’t written my review yet, it’s EXCELLENT.

    F/F recs…. Hmmm. The Wrong Stars (Sci-fi) and Like Water (YA) are the two F/Fs I’ve read recently. The Wrong Stars was excellent, Like Water was good.

  6. Hallo, Hallo Kate!

    I generally come into reading LGBTQ+ Lit rather organically as I don’t exactly seek it out directly (though sometimes I do) as I get so wicked excited about *stories!* in general, it really just depends on character/plot and overall scope of a book to garnish my attention moreso than if its a book about #EqualityInLit.

    Of this list, I already knew I wanted to read Girls of Paper and Fire; the plot of that one seemed rather keen – though, half the time I get really excited about stories like this one, I either a) find them a bit too much for me to read or b) I have trouble anchouring into the plot after I begin them. Just depends, I suppose… yet with this one I was hoping I could get invested into it. I need to check to see which of my libraries purchased it.

    I forget how I came to find Autoboyography and What if its Us but I suspect it might have been through Twitter? Lately, I notice a lot of book recs are being sent in the twitterverse and they tend to be the stories I wish to be reading most. Reminds me I need to start watching the #booktuber who has this awesome list of recs every week — (Russell of @inkpaperblog)

    The best f/f novel I’ve read is “The Language of Hoofbeats” by Catherine Ryan Hyde – I’ll let my review speak on its behalf. Singularly one of the most chattered about novels in my feeds on Twitter as I’m always rec’ing this for readers who want a solid story with a dramatic story arc within an honestly written relationship (of a lesbian married couple, think Stef & Lena from “The Fosters”) who are pivotal in the lives of at-risk teens & foster youth. It is incredible.

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