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July/YALC 2018 book haul // Biggest book haul of the year

July is always a big month for books because three days of YALC is enough to ensure I come home with a suitcase full of books. And guys. This is definitely my biggest haul of 2018, but it might also be my biggest book haul…ever?

I’ve counted them up and in total, I hauled 19 books in July.  19.  N i n e t e e n.
13 of those were from YALC and 6 were from publishers. Now, I know you may be calling me a lightweight and preparing to close this tab and closing this tab, but honestly 19 books is a lot for me. Normally, I buy one or two books at a time, to avoid making my TBR even more unwieldy. Even three or four is quite a substantial haul for me, so to finish the month with 19 new books is unheard of (and my book shelves are freaking out because there is no space).

July 3

Of the 13 books I picked up at YALC this year, the ones I bought were:

The Rose and the Dagger
Daughter of Smoke and Bone
A Thousand Beginnings and Endings
Wicked Like a Wildfire
The Last Children of Tokyo (bought at Foyles on the Friday evening of YALC)

Others were ARCs I won, and free books I was given:

Pages and Co.: Tilly and the Book Wanderers
Girls of Paper and Fire
Easy Prey
Tempests and Slaughter

July haul 4

I was also lucky enough to be sent a few books by publishers during July, including one of my most anticipated releases of the year, Convenience Store Woman. Another book I received was Spinning Silver (not pictured) and Troika books sent me four of their recent releases.

Last year, I made the mistake of not jumping into my ARCs straight after YALC, and ended up not having read all of them by time their release dates came around. This year, I’m trying my best to avoid doing the same thing again, so I’ve already read three of the books in this haul, and am half way through a fourth.

Which books did you get in July? Did you pick up any books at YALC, if you went?

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33 thoughts on “July/YALC 2018 book haul // Biggest book haul of the year

  1. I managed to limit myself and only get 4 books at YALC this year. Two were for signings and then I got another two, including a Brandon Sanderson, because it was 2 books for £10 and that was too good a deal to miss, especially when they had a good selection!

      1. Yeah I’m so glad I snapped it up! I got a pretty cool graphic tote bag with it so it was definitely worth the buy. I do understand the splurging though, pretty sure I spent over £40 the first time, and I’ve been trying to curb my tendencies since.

    1. Aww no, that’s such a shame! Are there no bookshops near you that can host events? Haha yes, it’s definitely a good thing if you don’t end up with 19 new books in one month! I don’t know how I’m going to find time to read them all!

  2. My YALC books are also my biggest haul ever :’) and I made the massive rookie error of not diving straight in and reading them straight away, so they’re currently all sat looking pretty on my shelf but i haven’t read ANY yet!

      1. Haha, I do this everytime. I always leave it too late and then before I know it I’ve owners then for over a year and still not read them!

        I think I might start with the last namsara!

  3. You’ve bought and received so many amazing books! I am very curious about your thoughts about Ascension, I’ve read this book last year in Dutch and I liked it. ❤

    1. Oh wow, I love that you’ve read Ascension! I think it’s by a French author, so it must have been translated into quite a few languages? I might not get to it for a while (because of all these other books) but I’ll try to review it when I do! 🙂

    1. I can’t wait to pick up Girls of Paper and Fire, but unfortunately, I didn’t actually enjoy Damsel in the end! It has a lot of TWs (that aren’t mentioned in the beginning of the book) and at times it felt like abuse was just used as a plot device rather than actively challenged throughout the story. A Thouand Beginnings and Endings on the other hand seems really good so far, even though I’ve only read the first story!

  4. Wow what a wonderful (and kind of massive haha) haul – these pictures are fantastic too ❤ I'm so happy you got Girls of Paper and Fire, I'm excited to read that one, and wow, that edition of The Rose and The Dagger looks gorgeous. I hope you'll love all of these books 😀

    1. Haha thanks Marie! Yeah, it’s definitely kind of huge. I’m thrilled to have been able to pick up Girls of Paper and Fire, and I can’t wait to get to it soon, and The Rose and The Dagger cover is lovely, but I need to get the first book before I can start it! I really love the original US covers for the series too. I don’t know if you’ve seen them? 🙂

      1. Oh yes I’ve seen them too and I LOVE them! I feel like they did such a great job with both covers and that too rarely happens haha 🙂

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