23 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Top picks for 2018 so far

      1. To Kill a Kingdom, which I quite liked but have to say hasn’t particularly made a lasting impression. But City of Ghosts and Vicious are both on my TBR. I liked the other V.E. Schwab books, the names of which I’m struggling to think of now… But was a bit over them by the end of the series. So I’m on a Schwab break at the moment…

  1. Vicious is on my TBR list for this month and I’m hoping I’ll really enjoy it. I’ve pretty much only seen positive things about it so far but that was also the case for A Darker Shade of Magic and I did not like that at all. I’m giving Schwab another chance, hopefully it works out!

    It’s awesome you’ve read so many books so far this year!

    1. Me too! I feel like Vengeful is going to be amazing! I’m counting down the days until it comes out 😀 Autoboyography is wonderful, I’d definitely recommend it! The discussion of queer identities and the church is so sensitive and thoughtful, but also critical and admonishing towards the negative aspects of the church. It honestly strikes such a good balance!

  2. These are great picks for this week Kate, and I’m glad to see some of these on your list because they’re my favourites as well. Autoboyography is a favourite read of mine this year, and I have a feeling City of Ghosts will be too! 😀
    Also I didn’t read it this year but Strange the Dreamer is an overall all-time favourite of mine (anything by Laini Taylor is though).

    1. Thanks Beth! I hope you love City of Ghosts when you get to read it, it’s so good! I can’t believe I’ve waited to long to read Strange, it was brilliant! I’m kind of glad I’ve read it so close to the Muse release though, as I don’t have to wait long to find out what happens next!

  3. Vicious ❤ I will never not love that book and I will definitely be re-reading it before Vengeful comes out!! To Kill a Kingdom was also an epic read for me too. I loved how brutal they were.

    1. Yesss, me too. As I only read it in January and remember pretty much all of it (it was such a vivid story) I probably won’t reread it before Vengeful, but that doesn’t mean I’m not filled with anticipation for the sequel! I actually can’t wait, I feel like it’s going to be such an exciting, action-packed read! Yeah, I was surprised by how much I ended up enjoying To Kill A Kingdom, but i think it was the redemption arc and enemies-to-friends part that reeled me in 😃

  4. Well this reminds me, I need to reread Vicious ahaha! So jealous you’ve already read City of Ghosts! Though there’s no one better suited to have gotten an early copy 🙂

  5. ACE OF SHADES 😍😍😍 I loved that book! And Simon Vs. of course, I’ve reread it several times now because it’s soo good 🙂 I really want to get to To Kill a Kingdom and I Was Born for This, because a lot of readers liked them so much 🙂

    1. Yessss, it was really good! I was hoping for more Six of Crows-style squad goals, but I really enjoyed it anyway. I’ve only read Simon for the first time a few months back, but I can see myself happily reading it again in the next few years because it was so enjoyable. IWBFT and To Kill a Kingdom are so different, but both really good reads in their own right. I’d say IWBFT is more intense and emotional because it deals with mental health and the pressures of fame, but it has such great diversity and it’s so easy to fall in love with the characters. TKAK on the other hand is plot-driven, full of action and feminism and a really exciting, fun read.

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