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Tome Topple 2018 TBR

My first thought when I wrote this title was that’s some GOOD alliteration. My second was, am I actually going to do this while simultaneously trying to read book for YALC? Yes friends, yes I am.

Tome Topple is a readathon created by Sam @ThoughtsOnTomes with the aim of reading BIG books. This round of the readathon is running for two weeks from midnight June 29th until 11.59pm  July 12th and the aim is to read books that are over 500 pages (no-one is going to police you for reading a book that’s like 470 pages).

The challenges for the readathon are:
1. Read more than one tome.
2. Read a graphic novel.
3. Read a book that is part of a series.
4. Buddy read a tome.
5. Read an adult book.

Since I’m also trying to read books in preparation for YALC, I’m doing a ‘soft’ readathon, where I’ll be trying to read as many tomes as possible, but doing so in between reading other books. So I probably won’t read as many tomes as I would normally if that’s all I was reading, but I’m still going to give it a good go, and these are the books I’m hoping to read.

The challenges I’m aiming to achieve are:

Challenge 1: If I read more than one of the above
Challenge 3: Strange The Dreamer and City of Brass
Challenge 5: The Poppy War

If, by some earthly miracle, I finish these four I’m also hoping to read these tomes.

know Spinning Silver is only 448 pages, but I’m desperate to pick it up, and I’ve been meaning to finish Children of Blood and Bone for about two months now, so it’s on the list.

I’ve never done a readathon lasting two weeks before, so I’m curious to see how many books I can get through, even though they’re all chunky.

Are you taking part in Tome Topple? If you want to buddy read one of these books with me for challenge 4 then let me know!

Until next time

8 thoughts on “Tome Topple 2018 TBR

  1. I’m always amazed by people who participate in this read-a-thon. I have so much trouble reading 500+ page books. It takes me forever! Your TBR looks fantastic. I love seeing The City of Brass on it. ❤ Good luck!

    1. Hehe thanks Jacquie! It’s a readathon that I really wanted to do last year and didn’t get round to it, so when I saw that it was coming up this year I definitely wanted to take part. I’m excited to read City of Brass, it sounds like something I’d love ❤

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