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I’m attending YALC again this summer (for my third time) and I’m excited to see friends, go to talks, meet new authors, and get books signed. Sadly, two of my favourite authors aren’t attending this year (Victoria Schwab and Laini Taylor, and I’m not kidding around when I saw I was DEVASTATED when I found out), I’m really looking forward to meeting authors I’ve never met before, like Alice Oseman and Tomi Adeyemi. I also can’t wait to chat to Alwyn Hamilton, who I’ve met so many times now that she recognises me. Achievement unlocked.

As usual I want to try and read books by some of the authors attending YALC so I can get them signed if I enjoyed them (and gush about how much I liked them). I’ve already read a few books this year by authors that are going, including:

As well as taking some of these books to be signed, I’m hoping to read several others between now and July by other authors who are attending:

Yes, I’m still reading Children of Blood and Bone, but I’ll definitely have it finished by the end of July. I’m also keen to finally get to The Long Way To A Small Angry Planet since I had planned to read it before last year’s YALC but didn’t manage to pick it up in time. I recently read my first Alice Oseman novel (I Was Born For This) and I loved it, so I’m hoping to also read Radio Silence, since it’s sitting on my shelf, and get her to sign it.

Are you going to YALC this year? Which books are you reading in advance? 

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16 thoughts on “YALC 2018 TBR

  1. This year will be my first YALC and I’m simultaneously excited and a little bit worried because I’m going on my own and I’m not quite sure what I’ve signed up for 🙈

    1. I’m in the exact same boat, so you’re not alone in having those thoughts. I just keep trying to focus on the authors I’ll meet, the books I’ll get signed, and basically being in a bookish environment for an entire weekend.

  2. I have a HUGE pile of books I want to read before YALC but the skies know whether I’ll succeed at it, haha. I already met Tomi Adeyemi when she was in Belgium so that’s one ticked off already! She’s an amazing person!

    I’m hoping to at least read Starfish and I Was Born For This, but I also have a huge amount of other books I want to read. Honestly, I’m trying not to stare at the pile too often because it looks kind of discouraging..
    I have read A Quiet Kind of Thunder recently and I’m so eager to get that one signed since I absolutely LOVE it to pieces, haha. 😀 Also ticked off The Loneliest Girl in the Universe but I don’t know yet whether or not I’m going to try and get it signed. I liked it well enough, but I’m waiting to see how many other books I’ll want to get signed before I make up my mind about that one.

    It’ll be my first time at YALC so I’m simply trying not to have too many books on my “get this signed!”-list, I guess?

  3. Yessssssss. I am so excited because I’m going YALC for the first year as well. I think me and kathy were talking about organizing a book blogger meet up especially for people who don’t know anybody else!

  4. Oh it’s so amazing that you are going to YALC, I hope you’ll have tons of fun! I’m glad you’ll read more of Alice Oseman’s books, I really loved everything she has written so far and I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on Radio Silence. Also, you NEED TO finish Children of Blood and Bone, I need to know what you think of it haha 🙂 Happy reading! xx

  5. I’m going to YALC too! It will be my fourth year going 🙂
    I’m reading Children of Blood and Bone at the moment too!
    I’ve got loads of books on my YALC TBR but the main ones I want to read are: Starfish, State of Sorrow, Eve of Man, Runemarks and The Gospel of Loki.

  6. I’m going to YALC on the Friday and am looking forward to a day geeking out with people about books. My July TBR is always YALC books and last month I read the last book frkm my 2017 haul.
    Should be another great year

  7. Hi Kate 🙂
    I LOVED Starfish so much and I’m really excited to meet Akemi Dawn Bowman at YALC so I can tell her. I’m also really excited for Alice Oseman since she is one of my absolute favourites and I loved all of her books. I really hope you enjoy Radio Silence ♥

  8. I always forget about YALC!! I swear I will get there one day. In the meantime I will live vicariously through your experiences. I still need to read Children of Blood and Bone. I’m just praying that this never-ending slump snaps soon. I’m sick of not reading.

  9. It’s my second time going this year and I really have to get a move on with my TBR! I need to read State of sorrow as I got a copy in fairyloot and it would be lovely to get it signed. A few others I’m intending to buy there to get signed.

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