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February 2018 Wrap Up (Aka the month where I STILL didn’t get to The Belles)

Wow, where did February go? One minute the month had just begun and the next March had arrived. February is such a short month anyway, but this was compounded by the fact that I was on holiday for a week of it, so I didn’t actually get that much reading time in.

Books cover

These are the books I’d planned to read in February (emphasis on planned):

Aaaaand these were the books I actually read:

I suppose six out of eight books isn’t bad, but I didn’t manage to read any more of Blue Exorcist, despite it being so enthralling, and I didn’t get round to The Belles AGAIN. The upside is, I finally managed to finish The Beast’s Heart after two months of trying to get through it. Bad news is I didn’t like it. I’ll have a full review up closer to the release date (in May), but in short there was too much male entitlement and there were elements of toxic masculinity that I didn’t enjoy at all.

On the plus side, I absolutely flew through the first few volumes of No.6 this month because it’s a great manga. The plot is pacy and the characters become more and more interesting with each volume. I’ll be reading volumes 4 and 5 in March and I’m sure they’ll be just as good.

Hero At The Fall and Love, Hate & Other Filters were both great in completely different ways. Hero was action-packed, thrilling and a brilliant end to the trilogy, while Love, Hate was a cute romance that tackled big issues such as Islamophobia and hate crimes.

The Beast’s Heart                    2 stars
Love, Hate & Other Filters  4-stars
Hero At The Fall                     4-stars
No.6 Volume 1                         4-stars
No.6 Volume 2                        4-stars
No.6 Volume 3                        4-stars


This month I finally hauled all the books I got over Christmas and in January.
(Belated) Christmas and January Book Haul

I also posted my first ever subscription box unboxing. I was lucky enough to receive a trial box from Rainbow Book Box, so I posted a round up of their January box.
Rainbow Book Box January Unboxing

I also posted about books I’m in a ‘long-distance relationship with’ for a fun/jokey Valentine’s Day post.
Top Ten Tuesday: Books I’m in a long-distance relationship with

General Life Updates

February was short, sweet, and packed with intense bursts of fun. I had a great month, and these were some of my highlights:

  • I went on holiday to Croatia with my boyfriend and we spent the week exploring museums, markets, and old town lanes.
  • I found three amazing vegan restaurants while in Croatia and tried seitan for the first time. (It was delicious!)
  • It was my boyfriend’s birthday this month and I got him some exciting presents, which he absolutely loved (thank goodness). He’s never been on the London Eye so one of the presents was tickets to go on it and spend a weekend in London.
  • It snowed a lot in the UK, so I ended up working at home for half a week because all my trains were cancelled!
  • I went to the Midlands Book Bloggers meet up and spent a brilliant day making new friends and seeing old ones. We went to Birmingham and visited the library, as well as spending copious amounts of time in Waterstones (of course).

Which books did you read in February? How was your month overall? Did you get up to anything exciting?

Until next time

11 thoughts on “February 2018 Wrap Up (Aka the month where I STILL didn’t get to The Belles)

  1. I say you may just not been in the right mood for Belles, I had my 30th in Feb and twisted my ankle so and went to London and bought 33 books. so a mixed month!

  2. You’ve read some great books, I really liked Love,Hate and Other Filters. I am still curious about The Belles too, but I don’t think I will pick it up very soon. I’ve read 14 books in February (re-reads included), and my favorites were The Hate U Give, Frankenstein and All American Boys. My February wasn’t that exciting to be honest, I am quite busy with school at the moment.

  3. Looks like you had a great month! I hope you enjoyed your holiday! I have Love, Hate and Other Filters on my bookcase and hoping to pick it up this month!

  4. I always have some vague idea of what I want to read next but planning books in advance feels like it would be lot of pressure! Well done on reading most of them though 🙂

    1. Haha thanks my lovely! I usually set myself a TBR each month so that I have palpable goals to try and achieve, and I find that it drives me to want to read more. I’m definitely a mood reader at times, though, and that’s why I don’t always read everything I plan to in my monthly TBRs. 😉

  5. I love the comparison here, I hope you get to the Belles soon! I love reading your highlights too, sounds like you had a good month! I may start doing something like this!

    1. Thanks Beth! I actually started The Belles yesterday this week, so it’s definitely going to go in this month’s wrap up (finally)! I’m so glad you like the style of my posts, but I’m always open to suggestions if there’s anything that can be improved upon (in terms of both layout and content). 🙂 I’d love to read your posts like this if you decided to start going them, no pressure though!

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