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February 2018 TBR (Aka the month of lots of manga and some highly anticipated YA)

Feb 2018 TBR

This month I’m going on holiday for a week with my boyfriend and as well as plenty of time for exploring and adventures, I’m hoping I’ll have more time for reading.

On that note, these are the books I want to read in February:


Now that I’m looking back at it, it looks like a pretty ambitious TBR. But more than half of these books are manga and poetry, and they don’t take me too long to read, so hopefully I’ll get through everything! I’m especially keen to get to The Belles and Hero as they’re two of my most anticipated releases for the year.

What are you reading in February? Have you picked up any of these books already?

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12 thoughts on “February 2018 TBR (Aka the month of lots of manga and some highly anticipated YA)

  1. I’m hoping to read Hero at the Fall too but that means also reading Traitor to the Throne, which I haven’t done yet.

    1. Oooh, I’d recommend reading them back-to-back if you can! I read Traitor last year and now that I’m only Hero I’m struggling to remember some of the details because a lot happened. (Thankfully Alwyn is really good at slotting little recaps into the story, which I’m actually finding really useful.)

      1. I’m struggling to remember bits for Rebel of the Sands so I think I might have to look at a recap post before I go into Traitor. I’d read it but I’ve already got three books on the go and I probably wouldn’t be able to fit it in before the Northern YA Lit Fest. I also like the fact there is a list of names at the front of the book with a little summary. As I am very bad at remembering character names, that’s fabulous!

  2. The Belles was just excellent – hope you enjoy it. I’m hoping to read Love, Hate and Other Filters next month.

  3. Ah there are some nice books on your TBR. I recently read Love, Hate & Other Filters and I really liked it ā¤ I can't wait to read The Belles, but February is filled with required college books, haha.

  4. THE BELLES! This book is one of my most anticipated books of the whole YEAR, I can’t wait to read it. I finally got my copy yesterday and will probably start it early next week, I can’t wait šŸ™‚ I hope we will both love it šŸ™‚
    I also heard fantastic things about Love, Hate and Other Filters šŸ™‚
    Happy reading, Kate! x

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