Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday: Fictional boys I’d happily take on a date

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature created by Jamie over at The Broke and The Bookish. The feature was created because Jamie is loves lists, and this weeks theme is:

October 3: Top Ten Book Boyfriends/Girlfriends (Which characters do you have crushes on?)

So this week, I’m going with bookish boys I’d happily take on a date. I’m limiting this to boys because, while there are plenty of female characters I’d take on a friendship date, I’m not bi, and therefore have no right to claim a part of that identity. As a result I don’t want to trivialise the experience of being bisexual by including women here for fun, when I don’t identify as bi and don’t have any of those lived experiences.

So here are some soft boys I’d take on a date.

1. Kell from the Shades of Magic trilogy


Kell is my absolute love. He’s not only one of my favourite characters but also one of the most intriguing. He’s compassionate, intelligent, and will sacrifice himself a hundred times over for the people he loves. Plus, I’d make him let me try on his coat.

2. Rishi from When Dimple Met Rishi


I would 10/10 take Rishi on a date because he is the softest of boys. He’s a feminist and he took Dimple to a book-themed restaurant. He’s definitely my kind of guy.

3. Kaz from Six of Crows

six of crows

This could be a mistake, but what the heck, I’d take Kaz on a date. It would probably end with him beating up some crooks and planning a heist while I sip coffee in the background, looking on bemusedly. Sure, he’s a thief and a con artist of incredibly grey morals, but deep down we all know he’s good.

4. Reece from Retribution Rails


Reece is such an underrated character. He gets forced into a band of law-breaking cowboys, committing crimes and wronging others, and although he tries to convince himself that he’s beyond redemption, his goodness can’t help but shine through. Basically, he’s a soft boy at heart and I’d 100% take him on a date.

5. Po from Graceling


Po’s humour and kindness make him one of the top contenders for book bfs. I loved all of his scenes in Graceling, so I think I’d enjoy spending time with him.

6. Lazlo from Strange The Dreamer


I’d totally go on a date with Lazlo because we could just spend all day in the library together. Sounds heavenly to be honest.

7. Jin from Rebel of the Sands


Jin is such a loyal, brave whirlwind of a character and I love the amount of sass he effervesces. He stands up for what he believes in, which is a trait I respect a lot, and always comes for his friends when they’re in danger.

8. Gram from Invictus


Gram loves maths and science and I think we’d have a fun time discussing theories of the universe. And I want to hear him tell me what it’s like being a time-traveller!

9. Akiva from the Daughter of Smoke and Bone trilogy


Honestly, I just want to give Akiva a hug most of the time. He’s so sad and angsty and blames himself for so many things that I think I’d have to take him on a date to a cat cafe and wrap him in lots of blankets (like a giant cinnamon roll with wings) while he strokes cats and feels better about life. Poor guy.

10. Gansey from The Raven Cycle quartet

raven boys

Alright Gansey is my guilty pleasure date, sorry not sorry. He starts off The Raven Boys seeming like such a pretentious ass, but as the books progress he develops into someone sweet, loving, and heroic and I just can’t help but like him.

Which characters would you want to take on a date? Is there anyone you’re perpetually flipping out over because they’re just too soft and cute? Let me know!

Until next time, Kate

10 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Fictional boys I’d happily take on a date

  1. I understand what you say about Gansey. I’ve only read two books from the series but I can already see him change. I already liked him in TRB but yeah, he was a bit pretentious too.

    I haven’t read most of this so I cannot comment much but I am excited to meet all this awesome characters! I was so happy to see Po here💗 I don’t remember much from the book but I know I liked his relationship with Katsa and I need to reread it soon!

    1. Yeah, I think Gansey isn’t totally awful in the beginning, but since Blue dislikes him, and the world in the first book is narrated a lot through her eyes, then we empathise with her. But he definitely becomes a better, less insular person as the book progress. Ah, I love Po. I haven’t read Graceling in ages, but his character has stayed with me all this time!

  2. I love this prompt! I haven’t read many of the books you mentioned but they all your choices sound great. I think from Six of Crows I would have to take Matthias on a date. My other definite dates would be Peeta from The Hunger Games and Cedric from Harry Potter! 🙂

  3. YES! So many of these guys are among the best of the best book boyfriends. I say this all the time, but Kell can teach me magic any day. 😉 Po, such an unfortunate name but I do love him. Kaz Brekker’s idea of affection is beating someone to a bloody pulp in your name but, like you, I’d just eat some waffles and watch him do his thing haha.

  4. Oh my gosh, Kaz, yes. But also Nikolai Lantsov I think – his sense of humour is perfection and I’m a sucker for a pirate.

    I mean, privateer.

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