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Books That Have Changed Our Lives: Part II

Books that have changed our lives part II

A couple of days ago I posted Books That Have Changed Our Lives Part I, highlighting some of the responses I got on a twitter poll that asked readers which novels had been life-changing for them.

As I mentioned in Part I of this post, A Darker Shade of Magic is the series that changed my life. V. E. Schwab’s magical tales about four different Londons captured my imagination like no other series and lifted me up with hope and optimism when I needed it.

The responses to the Twitter poll were so wonderful and overwhelming that I couldn’t fit them all into one post, so here’s part II.

Liv @Livescape chose Me Before You and The Hate U Give (the latter of which is a very important book and I’d definitely recommend picking it up).

Becca @BrunetteBlogg went for the classic, A Christmas Carol.

Lisa C @Elsie2110 chose Matt Haig’s hugely significant Reasons to Stay Alive.

Nicholas @nclarkearc had two choices.

@TooGrumpyCritics picked a well-known Douglas Coupland novel.

Zulfa @LovelyOwlsBooks picked the heart-warming When Dimple Met Rishi.

It wasn’t just one book but a whole series for Theo @TheoPotterHead.

Jacob and Roxie @Rocksmysocks307 went for The Help.

Sia @siasiasia‘s choice of The Star of Kazan inspired her to travel abroad.

Joey @JoeyRelton suggested the well-known and well-loved The Hunger Games.

Jess @JessikahHope picked A Thousand Splendid Suns.

And Tim @irishtinker052 offered two books: Being There and Shaving the Inside of Your Skull.

As with Part I of this post, readers have offered some excellent books and it’s been insightful to read about how/why certain books have changed their lives. I’ve loved creating both parts of this blog post because each reader’s reasoning for their choice has inspired me to reevaluate my own parameters for what makes a book ‘life changing’. Not only that, but it’s been great to share the love and positivity that others feel towards their chosen books.

I’d love to hear if you enjoyed these blog posts, and if you think I should do something similar again in the future!

Until next time, Kate

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