Book Hauls

Birthday Book Haul

Birthday book haul

Hey guys!

It was my birthday a couple of weeks ago and, as most bookworms do, I asked for books. And boy did I get them. A tonne to be precise.

I tend to buy up to 5 books at a time (and usually that’s only from charity or second-hand shops), so to get 15 all in one day was wonderful. Some of them I’d purposefully asked for and some were surprises. I ended up with quite a variety of genres and authors so I thought I’d show you what I got.

Birthday book haul full set + accessories
This is the full set! (Yes, I did get two copies of The Princess Saves Herself In This One because my sister and my auntie both bought it for me without realising the other had got it!)

Birthday book haul red stack with momijis

Birthday book haul poetry and russian doll
Poetry collections I’ve been wanting for ages!

Birthday book haul upright and all accessories

Birthday book haul LOS and red stack

Birthday book haul Lord of Shadows
Close-up of Lord of Shadows because damn, look at those sprayed edges.

Birthday book haul upright and russian doll

I’m honestly thrilled with this haul because I got a little bit of everything: poetry, graphic novels, historical fiction, YA, and fantasy.

Our Dark Duet and The Princess Saves Herself In This One are two of my most anticipated reads of the year so I’m very pleased to have them in my collection. If you’ve been following me on Twitter or Goodreads, you might have seen that I’ve actually already finished Our Dark Duet and Let Them Eat Chaos, and I’m over half way through Days of Blood and Starlight! Hopefully over the next few months I’ll get to pick up the rest, as many of them have been on my TBR for a while.

Have you read any of these books or are they on your TBR? Would you like to see more book haul posts from me? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time, Kate

9 thoughts on “Birthday Book Haul

  1. Happy Belated Birthday! I hope you had a lovely day. I am definitely impressed with the haul and I see a lot of my anticipated books made it in the haul. Our Dark Duet is the next book I plan on reading so I’m excited to see what you thought of it. I’ve been looking at getting back into Neil Gaiman’s works and with the TV series just released I figured American Gods would be a good one.

    1. Thank you my lovely! Yeah, I’m REALLY pleased with all these and so grateful to my family for getting me them. My review of Our Dark Duet is actually already up if you want to take a look! American Gods is definitely the book I’m most eager to read of all his work! I’m hoping to watch the TV show once I’ve finished it 😀

  2. Happy (late) birthday! It looks like you got a lot of great books ❤ 😀 I feel like it's always the best to get surprise books because it means the person really thought about what you'd like

  3. I had my birthday this month too, so I can totally relate to getting loads of books! The Princess Saves Herself In This one is absolutely phenomenal! Sadly I don’t own a copy since I read it as an e-arc, I need to get myself a copy ASAP!

  4. Happy belated birthday Kate!!! This is one EPIC book haul & I hope you enjoy all of your new reads ❤ I just finished Our Dark Duet & still picking up pieces of my shattered heart smh *sobs* BTW didn't even know that Lord of Shadows had a sprayed edges edition, looks so beautiful *heart eyes* Happy reading 🙂

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