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May Wrap Up (Or the month where I fell in love with THUG and When Dimple Met Rishi)

May Wrap Up

Hey guys,

May’s been a busy month, as I’ve been in London for publishing work experience and we had family come to visit our new house, but I somehow still managed to read 5 books, 3 novelettes, and a billion chapters of manga. (Only a slight exaggeration.)

Books cover

Miraculously, I didn’t stray from my TBR too much this month.

The books I planned to read were:

And the books I actually read were:

I’m currently reading Eating Animals, so I read everything I wanted to except ACOL. (Let’s not talk about it. I’ll get to it this month.)

Here are my ratings and reviews:

The Hate U Give 5-stars-new
When Dimple Met Rishi  4-stars
ACOWAR  4-stars
Retribution Rails  4-5-stars
You’ll Surely Drown Here If You Stay  4-stars
Noblesse set 4  4-stars
Noblesse set 5  4-stars
Lambs Can Always Become Lions 3-stars
Strange Weather In Tokyo  3-5-stars

Lots of high ratings this month because pretty much everything  I read was really good. My standout books for May were The Hate U Give and Retribution Rails; both were sublime.


Most Anticipated Summer Reads
I wrote about my most anticipated reads for the summer because all the warm weather in May got me excited!

Top Ten Tuesday: Mothers that actually show up in YA
Since there are so many YA books that have fairly non-existent parents, I decided to write about mothers that actually make an appearance in YA.

General Life Updates

  • I went to London and did some more publishing work experience with Norton, which was brilliant!
  • London was hot (28C) and I fell in love with Soho.
  • I got a new job as a content editor and publisher with a large scientific company, which starts in a couple of weeks. (It’s not the publishing role I’m hoping to go into, but it’s a good interim position.)
  • Some of my family visited and we had a fun few days together.
  • Same family took me book shopping for my birthday (which is nine days away) and I got six books. *heart eyes*
  • I caught up with Noblesse (the Korean manhwa I’ve been reading) and now I have to wait for new weekly chapters. *cries*
  • I finished Blue Exorcist and it was a joy. I’ve started watching a new k-drama called The Scholar Who Walks in the Night, starring my bae Lee Joon-gi.
  • I began a 10 day writing challenge, which I may post on here once I’m done. (The idea is to get you writing every day and since I’ve not been doing that recently I thought ‘why not?’.)

What did you read during May? Was there anything that really wowed you? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time, Kate


5 thoughts on “May Wrap Up (Or the month where I fell in love with THUG and When Dimple Met Rishi)

  1. Looks like May was a good month for you all around! I can’t say the same, unfortunately, as I only read 2 books and 2 graphic novels and exams became the bane of my life. Just got to get through June and then I can read as much as I want before the exciting uni adventures start!

  2. What WONDERFUL reads for the month! I adored When Dimple Met Rishi! THUG is actually on my July list. I’m super late to the party, but it sounds amazing, and I can’t wait to read it!

      1. So wonderful! I’ll have heart eyes for days over that one. I’m 100% confident I will love that book. I’ve just got to get through some ARCs first. You know how it is. ☺️

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