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Most Anticipated Summer Reads

Most Anticipated Summer Reads

Hey guys, hope you’re having a fun weekend!

The weather’s warming up, the nights are growing longer, and it feels like summer is on its way. So with that in mind, I wanted to do my most anticipated summer reads nice and early, since I was late with my most anticipated spring reads.

These are the releases from June, July, and August I’m most looking forward to!

Our Dark Duet
It’s a truth universally acknowledged that I love V. E. Schwab’s books. They’re effortlessly incredible in ways few others are. And This Savage Song was no exception, so I can’t wait for the second (and final *cries*) book in the duology to find out what happens to Kate and August.
Release date: 13th June 2017 (SOON.)

The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue
This book has been on my radar for absolutely ages and I’m so excited it’s nearing publication. It’s LGBTQIA+ and historical fiction. Yes. Please. I read the first four chapters online the other week and really enjoyed them, so I think it’s going to be a great read.
Release date: 27th June 2017

Tash Hearts Tolstoy
This is another book I’ve seen people getting ARCs of and it sounds like a lot of fun. This is about a girl whose webseries based on Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina goes viral and rockets her to internet fame. It sounds incredibly current and fun.
Release date: 6th June 2017

Hunger: A Memoir of (My) Body
I’ve been wanting to read Roxane Gay’s Bad Feminist for ages, so I’m excited to see she has another book coming out that I can hopefully devour soon.
Release date: 13th June 2017

The Last Magician
The debut novel from Lisa Maxwell promises magic in modern day New York, theft, and time travel. I’m here for it.
Release date: 18th July 2017

The Library of Fates
Drenched in Indian folklore and written by an Indian author (yes, own voices) this novel promises to be a tale of romance, royalty and, most importantly, books.
Release date: 18th July 2017

The Gallery of Unfinished Girls
A young female painter, LGBTQIA+ romance, and mystery? Sign me up, I. am. on. board. As far as I know, the book isn’t own voices, but is inspired by Latin American culture so hopefully it’ll be accurate and sensitive in its representation.
Release date: 25th July 2017

The Arsonist
The premise of this book sounds fascinating so I hope it lives up to expectations. The story follows three teenagers whose lives are intertwined by murder and mystery. It involves immigration, war, and the search for answers about a life over too soon. Also, THAT COVER.
Release date: 22nd August 2017

Spellbook of the Lost and Found
I’ve been disappointed by books about witches/witchcraft before so I’m hoping this one doesn’t follow that trend. This book is all about girls, darkness, and charms, and it sounds intriguing enough for me to have added to my TBR.
Release date: 1st June 2017

Because You Love to Hate Me: 13 Tales of Villainy
This book sounds like a lot of fun because each story’s been co-written by an author and Youtuber, many of whom I really like. Each story centres around a different villain, and I think it’ll be enjoyable to see how the collaboration between each pair brings these stories to life. Basically, you had me at the word villain.
Release date: 11th July 2017

 What are some of your most anticipated summer reads? Are any on this list? Let me know!

Until next time, Kate



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