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Top Ten Tuesday: Mainstream, niche, and downright odd fandoms you probably didn’t know I was part of


Hey guys, happy Tuesday!

As always, Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted over at The Broke and The Bookish, and this week’s theme is:

April 4: Fandom Freebie

Just for a bit of background info, a fandom is a community of people who come together to share their love and enjoyment of a piece of pop culture, for example a book, TV series, film, comic, band, writer, actor etc. Fans often create artwork or stories and share them with the community, as well as interacting via discussion boards and cosplaying or attending conventions.

I got very excited when I saw this week’s theme, as I’m part of so many fandoms (I’ve lost count), and would love to share just a few of them with you!

1. Marvel

So I suppose I don’t talk about it that much on my blog, but I’m a huge Marvel fan. I go and see all the films when they’re release and have Marvel-themed t-shirts, wall art prints and jewellery. I actually went to see the Avengers five times when it first came out (I still have all the ticket stubs to prove it) and I’m not afraid to admit I’ve written fanfiction in the past about Marvel (people seemed to really like them?!).

2. K-dramas

I discovered K-dramas for the first time last year and we are now in a steady, loving relationship. Sure, they’re tropey as hell and there’s a lot of work that could be done on gender-equality (smashing traditional gender roles for one), but they’re great for a bit of drama (as they should be, given their name) and historical series, such as Scarlet Heart: Ryeo, are so much fun to get lost in.


3. The Musketeers

Even though the BBC show finished last year, I’d still class myself part of the Musketeers fandom. It was one of my favourite shows and remains so to this day. The action, adventure, and drama of each episode just sucked me in. The set wasn’t always amazing, but the costumes, dialogue, characterisation and political intrigue were great. I’ve always liked the story of the Musketeers (though shamefully, I’ve never finished the novel) and this show brilliantly brought it to life for me.

4. Great British Bake Off

OK, I don’t know if it’s an official fandom, but judging by the reaction on twitter every week when the show was on there was definitely enough of a fan following for there to be one. GBBO is a baking competition, where each week’s challenges are themed around different types of food, for example, cake week, or bread week. I watched it religiously for several seasons while it was on, and was devastated at the news that BBC had sold the rights to Channel 4 and Mary Berry, Mel and Sue would not be following the show to its new home. (And let’s face it, it’s not going to be the same on Channel 4.)

5. Dan and Phil

I watch a lot of Youtube videos (especially a lot of Booktube) and two of my favourites are Danisnotonefire and AmazingPhil. Their gaming and crafts videos are laugh-out-loud funny and their sarcastic, self-deprecating humour is right up my street.

6. Voltron: Legendary Defender

Voltron is a Netflix-original animated series that I discovered last year and, guys, I’m in too deep. It’s about a group of teenagers who discover that they’re meant to save the universe by piloting mechanical space lions that can form a giant robot. Yeah. It’s amazing, I’m obsessed and can’t believe I have to wait a year for season three. I’ll have to satisfy myself with some of the fandom artwork, which is nothing short of gorgeous.

7. Noblesse

You know your fandom is niche when there’s basically no fanfiction for it, and that’s what I’ve found with Noblesse. Noblesse is a Korean manhwa (I mentioned it in my April TBR) that I’ve just recently discovered and have become absolutely addicted to. It’s about an immortal noble with mystic powers who wakes up after 820 years asleep to find the world has completely changed. He falls in with a group of high schoolers and three modified humans, and begins to learn about modern society. It’s as wacky as it sounds, but it’s absolutely brilliant and the art style is gorgeous. I can’t stop reading it at the moment but I’ve still got another 200 chapters before I’m up-to-date, so it’s all good.

8. Yuri On Ice

My old housemate recently and she got me into YOI and I just love it. It’s a relatively new anime about male ice dancers and it’s so adorable. I only have two episodes left of season one and I need season two. Now.

9. Disney

Again, I probably don’t blog about it much on here but I love Disney. The films and soundtracks are just wonderful and I’ll always try and see new releases at the cinema. Disney was a huge part of my childhood growing up (I’d learned almost all the words to Mulan by 10 years old) and will always be a significant part of my life. When people say I’m too old for Disney I just shrug, smile mildly and say ‘I don’t think there’s such a thing as too old for Disney’, because that’s the truth.

10. Pottery 

I don’t know if there’s even a fandom for this (if not I’ll start one), but while in Japan, I went to the Osaka Pottery and Ceramics Museum and discovered how MUCH I LOVE POTTERY. It’s just so sleek and elegant?? And the Japanese and Korean pottery styles from the 12th and 13th century are just incredible?? So yeah, now I can’t go into a shop/house/museum without checking out their pottery.

So those are just ten of the many fandoms I’m part of. Which fandoms are you long-term fandoms and which have you just got into recently? Are there any you recognise on this list? Let’s chat in the comments!


10 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Mainstream, niche, and downright odd fandoms you probably didn’t know I was part of

  1. Great picks for this week’s topic Kate. I’m not really a part of that many fandoms. I tend to stay on the outskirts of things like that so I went a slightly different route with my TTT post this week, but I do love the Marvel universe. I haven’t quite gone to see any of the films five times like you did with the Avengers but I do watch them a lot now I have them on DVD. 😀
    Also although I’ve never seen even one episode of The Great British Bake Off or Yuri on Ice plenty of people who I know are obsessed with one or both of them so I do actually have them on my to-watch list, which at this point is nearing the length of my to-read list so who knows when I’ll actually get around to them both! 🙂

    1. Ah, wonderful! I’ll have to come check it out. Oooh that’s such a tough question! I usually have a top 3 or top 5 because I can never choose one and they are Tangled, Mulan and Toy Story 3, but I also really like Big Hero 6, Wreck-It Ralph and The Incredibles! (I know The Incredibles and Toy Story 3 are Disney Pixar, but I tend to count them as ‘Disney’ if the studio was involved in the production in some way.) Thanks for stopping by!

      1. yeah I have a top 10 haha Mulan and Wreck-It Ralph are in my top 10 too. Lilo and Stitch is my favourite though, I like that you have both old classics and new ones as your favourites!

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