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Book Reviewing Slumps (and the eternal fight to catch up on reviews)

Don’t let the nice banner fool you, I’m about to throw some serious shade. At myself.

We all know intimately what it’s like to be in a reading slump; the growing loss of interest in your current book, the frustrating lack of desire to begin something new, and the almost unheard of inability to buy a new book. (Almost, I said almost.) These signs are familiar foes to those of us who like to constantly have a book in hand and are akin to the early symptoms of a cold – annoying, unwanted and fear-inspiring.

I’m sure you’ve all had a reading slump at one point or another (I had one that lasted for the entirely of September last year), but you might not be familiar with the lesser-discussed review slump. Like a reading slump, its characterised by a lack of motivation or desire to do the thing you enjoy, but rather than the issue being picking up books, it’s putting words to paper about a book.

Here are some signs you might be having a reviewing slump:

  • You start writing multiple reviews but don’t finish any of them
  • You write a review but then leave it in draft because you’re just not quite satisfied with it
  • You sit down to write a review but end up on Netflix or Youtube instead
  • You sit down to write a review but end up writing an entirely different post instead
  • You’ve read so many books recently that reviewing them all seems like too much of a mammoth task. Better jut read another book instead.

If you’re feeling any/all of these you might be in a review slump. ‘But Kate’, I hear you ask, ‘you’re not an authority on slumps, how do you even know what a review slump is like?’

Well, I know because I’m in one right now. And I have been since December.

*quietly face-plants into the ground*

Seriously guys, I need actual help. I know I’ve written a few reviews since December, but it’s nowhere near the number that I want to be writing, and yet for some reason I just can’t motivate myself to get down to them.

want to, but every time I open a draft and start a new review I just leave it unfinished, or write a separate post instead. Prime example: I started out writing a review for my most recent read Lorali, and ended up WRITING THIS POST INSTEAD. I also currently have drafts in progress for these books:

What am I doing?! Send. Help.

To make matters worse, I can pinpoint the time when my reviewing slump start, and the exact reason why:

Time: December 2016.

Reason: I got behind on my reviews.

That’s literally it. The sole reason for this reviewing slump is that I fell behind on my reviews and was reading too many books to catch up. So instead of sitting down and drafting out all the books I was behind on, I just shrugged and read more. *face palm*

So now, I’m trying to do a few little things to get me out of the slump. These include tabbing important quotes in my books so they’re easy to find later, writing notes as I go, and beginning the review draft as I begin the book so when I come to writing it later it doesn’t feel like such a huge task. Hopefully, if these tricks work, I’ll be back to reviewing more books soon!

Also, if you see me slacking on reviews, you have my complete permission to shout at/motivate/nag me on here or on twitter (@katelovescolour) to get writing them.

Have you guys ever been in a book reviewing slump? Got any good advice? Let me know!



8 thoughts on “Book Reviewing Slumps (and the eternal fight to catch up on reviews)

  1. I think I might experience reviewing slumps every time it’s time to write a review. That first sentence is always the hardest. I know not a lot of bloggers do this, but I make myself write a review before beginning a new book. This works for me because I can’t split my attention between two books without consequences (I easily forget things) and I don’t end up having a pile of unreviewed books. Also, I’ve found that writing a couple of mini reviews a month helps with the pressure of coming up with all the right words. They only require a few sentences, so a lot less pressure is involved. Great discussion! I hope you find the right kind of motivation to finish these reviews.

    1. Aww Alicia thanks so much for the advice! It’s reassuring to know I’m not the only person who struggles with this from time to time, and I’ll definitely try your suggestion of reviewing a books before starting a new one once I’ve finished my current read – Daughter of Smoke and Bone!

  2. I get what you mean about the reviewing slum especially when you have too many reviews to write. What I usually do is just work on them slowly without thinking ahead to all the ones that I am yet to do. One book at a time and then try work on a few before reading anything else. I hope your strategy works though. All the best dear.

  3. Ohh I’ve never actually been in a reviewing slump myself but I’ve been in plenty of reading slumps so I know how you feel. Normally I tend to procrastinate a little with reviews, tell myself I start it in just five more minutes, but I find the best thing to do is just start writing and don’t stop until you have something coherent. That’s literally how I write all my reviews, I write everything and anything on a Word document and then go back and edit it.
    You have some amazing books to get started on so I can’t recommend picking up even more amazing books because I don’t think any actually exist! 😀
    Still I hope this slump ends quickly for you Kate, and I’ll certainly be interested to see your reviews when it is over. 🙂

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