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February Wrap Up (Or the one where I didn’t read as many books as planned)

Hello my lovelies!

Hope you had a fun February eating pancakes and professing your love to your bookshelves. I set myself a pretty ambitious TBR for February and. I. Totally. Bombed.

This is because I was away for a few days visiting the new house my parents are buying and then spent another few days seeing friends and my boyfriend in Yorkshire, so I ended up having barely any time to read during the last week. Plus, February is such a short month, and despite knowing this and even mentioning it in my Feb TBR, I kind of let it sneak past me.

Books cover

I had planned to read nine books (even I don’t know what I was thinking) – a couple of which I’d already begun when February arrived – but I ended up reading three. Fail.

These are the books I planned to read:

And these are the books I read:

Whoops. But, never mind, I’ll hopefully get to the books I missed in March.


Traitor to the Throne  4-stars

A Gathering of Shadows  5-stars-new

Caraval  4-stars

Other notable posts.jpg

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This month, after seeing someone mention on twitter how good A Darker Shade of Magic would be as a manga series, I wrote about books that I’d love to see drawn as a manga. Then I got all excited and I wrote a companion piece: 12 Manga I Would Sell Pieces Of My Soul To Have Turned Into Full-length Novels

The 2016/2017 Tag

I was also tagged by my lovely friend Holly over at Nut Free Nerd to do this tag, which looks back on some of your best parts of 2016, and lets you set some goals for 2017.

World Book Day 2017

As it was World Book Day on 2nd March, I celebrated by writing about three of my favourite aspects of reading.

Top Ten Tuesday: YA Love Triangles We Didn’t Ask For and Didn’t Really Need

One of my most popular TTT posts during February, was a Valentine’s-related post about love triangles in YA that we’re all just a little bit done with.

General Life Updates

  • As I mentioned earlier, I went on a bit of a mini-break during the last week of February to see the house my parents are buying and visit my boyfriend/friends
  • I started watching Yuri on Ice and I AM ADDICTED (I’ve only got the last two episodes to go)
  • My signed copy of A Conjuring of Light arrived and I may have screamed
  • I bought ten books from my favourite second-hand bookstore and it was a blissful day

So that’s it for this month! What did you guys get up to in March? Did you read any books that you thought were particularly amazing? Let me know!


12 thoughts on “February Wrap Up (Or the one where I didn’t read as many books as planned)

  1. February was sneakily short, more so than usual this year. I’ve had Traitor to the Throne on my shelf since the UK release, but haven’t found the time to get to it. I’ve actually been seeing meh reviews for it, so glad to see you enjoyed it. Always a blissful day when you can a bunch of books to your collection when they’re cheap. Hope your March is wonderful!

    1. Haha yeah, it certainly felt like it was over in a flash! Yeah, I’ve seen some mixed reviews for it, and while I didn’t think it was as good as the first book, I definitely enjoyed it enough to give it 4 stars. Thanks my lovely, I hope yours is splendid too!

  2. Great recap for last month Kate, and even though you didn’t get through all the books on your to-read list you still have this month to get started on them. Also I definitely think you picked the best books to read for last month anyway; AGOS and Caraval are two all-time favourites of mine.
    I hope you enjoy the rest of them when you get around to them, and I hope you have an amazing March as well! 😀 ❤

    1. Aww thanks Beth! Yeah, surprisingly I’m not feeling too bad about only reading three books, probably because they were all so good and I had such a busy month that there just wasn’t time to read more! A Gathering of Shadows was just PERFECT and my copy of A Conjuring of Light finally arrived (!!!) so I’m going to start that this weekend! Hope you had a great February and read some wonderful books!

      1. I think there are times when all bloggers on here go through the same thing. I’ve never really had busy months but there have been busy weeks where things have been too hectic for me to read or blog much.
        Ohh that’s great to hear, so you can get started right away and not put the book down until you finish it right?
        I can’t wait to see what you think of that one Kate. 😀

  3. Great post, Kate! I totally feel the disappointment you feel when you haven’t gotten to the amount of books you’d planned for, but three is honestly still great for a short month like February. And also, you got to A GATHERING OF SHADOWS – which is fabulous, and totally makes up for the rest. I hope you LOVE the last book. ♡

    1. Thanks Aimal! Yeah, it’s a bit disappointing, but I usually get over it quite quickly when I begin the new month’s reading! And yesssss, AGOS was EXCELLENT! ACOL is my most anticipated read of the year so I can’t wait to finally get into it! 😀

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