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Top Ten Tuesday: Books I Wish Had More Female Friendships In Them

Happy Tuesday everyone!

I’m super excited for this week because I’m currently reading A Gathering of Shadows and picked up a physical copy of Traitor to the Throne! It’s also only two days until I can go and grab the special edition of Caraval!

As always, Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted over at The Broke and The Bookish, and this weeks theme is:

February 7:  Top Ten Books I Wish Had (More/Less) X In Them

This week, I’m going for ten books I wish had more female friendships in them!

1. A Concise Chinese-English Dictionary for Lovers


In this tale of self-discover, Z begins her life in the UK lonely and frustrated by her lack of English-speaking skills. She could definitely have benefited from more female support and her understanding of her new surroundings would have grown faster because of it. Give the woman a girl-next-door.

2. Everything Everything


OK, OK here me out with this one. I know Madeline has strong friendships with her mother and nurse Carla, but I would have liked to see her interact with more girls her age. Her condition means she doesn’t have any friends outside of those two, and that’s (part of the reason) why she becomes so attached to Olly. But I would have enjoyed scenes with her messaging other girls online, and chatting about the books she loves (the way we all do on here!). I just think it could have added another dimension to both the story and Madeline’s character.

3. The Girl from Everywhere


The #1 thing I would have liked more in this novel was a cohesive plot, but the #2 was more women characters. I would have loved to see a female-heavy crew surrounding Nix on the ship and I think some really heart-warming and witty scenes could have come out of it. Why do most of the pirate crew have to be male in a fantasy world – surely writing fantasy frees you from the responsibilities of historical accuracy? (Although even in realistic novels, I’d take a female crew over a male crew any day. Yeah, screw historical accuracy.)

4. The Sin-Eater’s Daughter


Twylla is treated harshly in the first half of this book and I was desperate for her to have some female companionship. Everyone is either afraid or appalled by her ability and I just wanted her to have another girl she could trust and talk freely too. I actually spent the opening chapters hoping a plucky kitchen maid would befriend her and they’d run off together for a life of adventures.

5. The Vegetarian


The main character in this novel, Yeong-hye, is judged harshly by everyone for her decision to become a vegetarian, but she is especially mistreated by the men in her life. Her sister steps up to support her later on in the novel, but there is a large period of time when she has no other women around her from whom she can see solace and comfort. Perhaps if she had even just one female friend it would have changed the outcome of the novel.

6. Lord of the Rings


To be honest I would just like some more female characters in general please? I take into account the time period Tolkien was writing in, but it’s a fantasy novel! Gender roles can be removed from their usual places in society. Would it have killed him to have had more than three significant female characters, compared to the 247 (ish) male. (I’m seriously considering writing my own version of LOTR where everyone is gender-swapped, and female dragons rule the skies.)

7. High Rise

High rise.jpg

I couldn’t help but feel that all the women characters in this novel were inherently lonely, despite being surrounded by each other’s presence. Towards the end of the book, some of the women from the upper floors band together in solidarity, but this is only in the final few chapters. For the most part, they spend their lives in the high rise friendless and isolated from each other, and it was disheartening to read.

8. Sabriel


I loved this book so much and one of the things I admired the most was Nix’s independence. She didn’t need anybody else to fight her battles and didn’t think twice about going solo to save her father. But during the final battle scenes at the school, I couldn’t help but think it would have been nice for her character to have had stronger relationships with the other girls. I enjoyed her courage and independence, but also felt that, at times, she was a lonely cinnamon roll who could have benefited from some girl power. (And I like to protect my lonely cinnamon rolls.)

9. Passenger


Etta, our main character, spends most of this novel running for her life through time and, although she has Nicholas to watch her back, I just wanted her to have some more buddies to share her adventure with. Female buddies, naturally. The only other character her own age, Sophia, seems ready to kill or double-cross her most of the time.

10. The Magician’s Apprentice


I thoroughly enjoyed this story, but I would have loved to see Tessia’s mentor be a woman. There could have been some wonderful dynamics as she learned to control her power in a predominantly male-driven magician’s world. Either that or give Tessia another girl friend who she can talk magic with and bounce ideas off.


This post is mostly just me wanting to give my sweet cinnamon rolls a network of support and love from other women, but I should also clarify that I don’t dislike male characters. Far from it, in fact. (Unless they’re the villain or a douchebag.) I love reading books about platonic f/m friendships and enjoy watching romance bloom between a girl and guy, but sometimes I just feel the number of m/m friendships outnumbers the f/f ones, and wish there were more of the latter.

What did you guys write about for your TTT this week? Drop me a link in the comments!


20 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Books I Wish Had More Female Friendships In Them

      1. The Sleeping Prince was great! But it’s not about Twylla…well, it is, but it’s not from her POV…it’s from Leif’s sister! It’s totally good. I can’t wait for The Scarecrow Queen! 😫

  1. I totally agree with you about Passenger- I kept wishing that Etta and Sophie would become pals rather than maintain that tension between them. Sophie definitely had a fierce personality but I kept wondering why Etta didn’t try to befriend her- probably because that’s what I would have done if I’d found myself in Etta’s situation, lol. Trying to make friends with the only other girl on a ship seemed…more sensible than hanging out with the guys. Great post!!

    1. Yeah, I would have loved them to join forces, but I haven’t read Wayfarer yet so here’s hoping it happens in the sequel! I’m totally with you – I often gravitate more towards women than men subconsciously so I’d probably want to talk to Sophia if I were on board that ship! Thank you! 😀

  2. This is a brilliant topic for this week’s Top Ten Tuesday Kate. I was just talking to someone else about something along these same lines. There are more than a few YA books out there that don’t have strong female relationships so it would be great to see more of them in future books. I certainly enjoy reading stories more if there are two female characters who get on well.
    Passenger would have been even better if Etta and Sophia had been able to trust and rely on each other more, and it would also have been great if Nyx had a female friend in The Girl from Everywhere! 😀

    1. Thanks Beth! Yeah, I often find myself noticing that the male characters outnumber the female characters (especially in the types of manga I read) and it’s therefore difficult for them to form friendships if there’s barely any of them! Having said that there are loads of great books that feature wonderful f/f friendships so maybe I should do a companion post about those 🙂

      1. That’s all right. Actually see that’s the opposite in YA fiction isn’t it, the female protagonists way outweigh the male ones. Kind of interesting it would be the opposite in manga.
        I’d certainly be interested in reading a companion post if you wrote one! 😀

  3. I never even thought about how much more awesome ‘Everything Everything’ would be if Madeline had had a female pal closer to her age… but now that I am thinking about it, it would have been amazing to see! Great list.

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