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Oh look, it’s a belated January TBR

Hey guys, hope the first week of 2017 has gone well for you all!

What with flying home from Japan, catching up with my family and friends, and posting my reading goals for this year I haven’t actually got around to posting my TBR for this month!

I got a few books as (belated) Christmas presents from my sister (all the kudos for her managing to buy me Red Queen and Glass Sword without checking if I’d read them/owned them (I haven’t and I don’t)) and a gift card from my auntie which  I’ve already spent; I’ve also already hit up the library since I got back so there are plenty of books I want to read during this month!

January picks:

I’m being quite ambitious this month, but I’ve already read ACOMAF (oh. my. god.) and am half way through The Vegetarian (which I’m SO happy to finally be reading!) so I’m feeling positive that I’ll get to most of these by the end of January.

I definitely need to read A Gathering of Shadows before A Conjuring of Light comes out next month (I’m not ready and my heart is quaking), and I’m reading The Fellowship of the Ring as part of a readalong Anna @ aliterarypotion over on twitter is hosting. (Feel free to message her if you want to get involved!)

There are so many other books I picked up from the library that I want to get to, but we’ll just see how the month goes. Let me know what you’re reading this month and if you’ve read any of these already!


6 thoughts on “Oh look, it’s a belated January TBR

  1. Good luck getting through these books Kate. I’m glad you really enjoyed ACOMAF, hopefully the rest will be just as amazing. I can’t wait to see what you think of A Gathering of Shadows because obviously that is a favourite of mine. 🙂
    Also I really enjoyed Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe, it wasn’t quite what I was expecting but it turned out to be even better so hopefully you’ll feel the same way! 😀

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