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Help me decide which books to take to Japan!

So I’m currently packing for Japan, and as the title suggests, I need help deciding which books to take with me.

I’m currently reading Empire of Storms, so if I don’t finish it before I leave then I’ll definitely be taking it with me.

Here are the other books I’m considering:


Realistically, I can only take 8 of these 13 so please comment below and help me decide!


9 thoughts on “Help me decide which books to take to Japan!

  1. Definitely Lirael… and also A Dictionary of Mutual Understanding. Also Six of Crows cause I hear it’s really good, although I haven’t read it yet! I am so jealous – I would love to go to Japan!

  2. I highly recommend The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms! It’s a really great fantasy read with an awesome main character. I’d also vote for Six of Crows 🙂

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