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October TBR

Since I didn’t manage to read many books last month, as those that I did were library books I was trying to finish before I had to return them, a lot of my books from last month’s TBR are rolling over to this month.

I feel like I’ve spammed you all with quite a lot of TBR posts last month (so apologies for that), but here is my October TBR:

I had a pretty poor reading month during September because I was so busy, but I know I’m going to have more free time this month, so I’ve been reasonably ambitious with six books. Part of the reason for this is that I’m flying out to Japan in less than a week, and that’s roughly 14 hours of travel time (one 1.5 hour flight, one 11 hour flight and some airport waiting time in between). Which means lots of reading time.



I’m meant to be buddy reading this with the lovely Beth over @ Off The Shelf during this month, so it would be lovely to actually get a physical copy to take with me to Japan, but I’ve tried various bookstores and nowhere seems to have it. I’m worried that it won’t come in time for me leaving if I order it online, but I’m going to a big bookstore tomorrow so I’ll search for it there!

I should also note that I’m incredibly excited to finally get to read Empire of Storms this month, because after some serious ordering problems it arrived at last and I actually have time to read it!

Let me know what you’re reading this month – especially if you’re also planning to read any of these beauties! If you’ve already read any of them, drop me a comment to let me know what you thought!


9 thoughts on “October TBR

      1. Six of Crows and An Ember In The Ashes! I’m currently reading Six of Crows and am in love with it, it is so good. I’ve not yet read Throne of Glass but I’ve heard good things about Empire of Storms. I’m hoping to binge read those before the year is over. 😊

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