TBRs and Wrap ups

June Wrap up

I had a pretty good reading month this month, despite not getting through all the books I wanted to for TBRTakedown.

As a result of deciding to do a readathon half way through the month, my TBR changed a little bit.

These are the books I originally planned to read:


Plus these if I had time:


And the books I actually ended up reading this month were:

(All images courtesy of Goodreads).

So I did not stick to my original TBR.

But I don’t feel too bad about it, as I’m quite a mood reader anyway and I managed to read two books from my original list. I also just started A Darker Shade of Magic yesterday, and I’m enthralled already. And if we’re talking technicalities, I actually read four books from my original TBR because I read the two manga books from my additional list. The other books were all chosen mid-way through June for each of the TBRTakedown 4.0 challenges.

I have to say, doing a week-long readathon really spurred on my reading this month because I had more of a finite goal to reach. It also inspired me to read whenever and wherever I could to fit it in around work and I’m definitely going to try and maintain the same approach (with the same intensity) this month.

I’d love to know what you guys read in June and if you’ve read any of these books too!

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