TBRTakedown 4.0: Days 4 and 5

Day four followed the pattern of the first three days were I was at work for most of the day (this time helping run a university open day) and only had reading time in the evening.

During day 5, however, I had a breakthrough. I was only working a half day on Friday which left me the whole afternoon and evening to read. And I finally managed to finish The Dream Thieves, which was excellent.

I enjoyed it a lot more than the first book I finished, Percy Jackson and the Titan’s Curse, despite it having taken me far longer to finish. The story continues on from The Raven Boys, but I felt this time that the plot was more fluid and clear, and the writing style was effortlessly good.

So good that I read solidly for about two and a half hours until I finished the book, and gave it 4.5 out of 5 stars. I then had a short break (which consisted of derping around on Twitter and Netflix) before using the momentum I’d gained to begin my third book.

I’d originally planned to start reading my book for Challenge #3: The first book in a series; however, because I was already behind, I went with the shortest book of my remaining three, which was The Girl from Everywhere. This was my book for Challenge #5: A book from your most recent haul, and I’d been looking forward to it for a few weeks now.  I managed a good 50 pages before I went off to do other life admin things that needed to be done, with the mental promise of finishing it the next day.


Books read so far: 2

dream thieves

percy jackson titan

Pages read: 743

Hours of sleep lost: 3.5

Stars given: 8 of a possible 10

Days 6 and 7 will be up shortly!

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