TBRTakedown 4.0: Day 2

I really love readathons and I’m beginning to wonder why haven’t I done this before.

Oh wait, it’s probably because I set my goals too high.

Yesterday I managed to finish my first book, Percy Jackson and the Titan’s Curse, and this morning I began my second novel: The Dream Thieves. This book is for challenge #2: A book that’s a sequel, and for a few hours I hoped I might finish my second book on day 2. But I failed to account for three things.

  1. I was at work all day again.
  2. I promised to spend the evening watching a film with my boyfriend.
  3. Percy Jackson and the Titan’s Curse is 293 pages. The Dream Thieves is 450 pages.

I’m usually pretty optimistic, but these three gems combined to give me a mini reading-slump and a cloud of gloom by about 7pm. Don’t get me wrong – I enjoyed work, and I enjoyed the film. But I read very little and realised I wasn’t going to finish book two.

The upside is that I’m reading The Dream Thieves, and so far I’m thoroughly enjoying it. I had a few issues with pacing and narrative in the first part of The Raven Boys, but I’ve had none so far with this book and am hoping to continue flying through it tomorrow.


Books read so far: 1 (and a fifth ish)

percy jackson titan

Pages read: 360

Hours of sleep lost: 2.5

Stars given: 3.5 of a possible 5


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